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Quick Ship Encaustic Cement Tile for the UK & Europe

Solid Color and Patterns

We have made special arrangements for certain patterns and solid cement tiles to be quickly delivered to your door. These patterns are in stock and ready to ship in a shorter time than custom made tile. Keep in mind that you can also custom order any pattern in any colour scheme, it just takes a little longer. The shipping charges usually run about 25% of the cost of the tile for UK and Europe, very small orders percentage is higher.

These classic encaustic tile are perfect for your foyer, bathrooms, kitchens, and often are the perfect touch when renovating a heritage home or business. Solid colors and Patterns as shown available for immediate shipping.

These tiles are in stock in Morocco and ready to ship.

Pricing Below Images, also watch for a production video farther down the page!

Minimum order 10.25 squre meters total (you may mix any available patterns, whole boxes only).

Expect delivery in approximately 4 weeks. Shipping Cost Information

Patchwork Tile Patterns for UK and Europe

Our ever popular Patchwork Tile is in stock and ready to ship:

Click here for more info on Patchwork.

Patchwork Elegance Tile Patterns for UK and Europe
classic french tile design black and white
"Cubes" Cement Tile

Also referenced as style 112, three color, in Black, White, and Grey... € 62.73 m²

Our popular "Havana Cantina" tile.
"Havana Cantina" Cement Tile

Also referenced as style 228, four color, in Ivory, Laguna, Fir and Khaki... € 66.68 m²

Our popular "New Castle" tile.
"Nuevo Castillo" Cement Tile

Two color, in Grey and Fog... € 58.78 m²

UK cement tile Encaustic tile for Britian
Above: Style F-225, three color, in Khaki, Ivory and Copper... € 62.73 m²

Above: Style F-140, four color, in Sand, Copper, Khaki, and Mahogany... € 66.68 m²

Encaustic floor tile for Europe Restoration tile for UK
Above: Style F-144 and border F-449, three color in Claret Red, White and Yellow... € 62.73 m²

Above: Style F-100, two color, in Khaki and Ivory... € 58.78 m²

Tile for historic restorations Cement tile delivered to UK
Above: Style F-219, three color, in Anthracite, Grey and Fog... € 62.73 m²

Above: Style F-219, three color, in Ivory, Green and Mahogany... € 62.73 m²

Bordered tile flooring for Britian Restore classic floors in UK
Above: Style F-223 with border F-413, four color, in Grey, Yellow, Ivory and Reed... € 66.68 m²

Above: Style F-101, two color, in Grey and Anthracite... € 58.78 m²

Pattern tile floors Encaustic cement mosaico for GB
Above: Style F-211, two color, in Night Blue and White... € 58.78 m²

Above: Style F-124, three color, in Ivory, Night Blue,and Light Blue... € 62.73 m²

Cement tile for England, Ireland, and Wales Bordered tile floor
Above: Style F-104, two color, in Anthracite and White... € 58.78 m²

Above: Style F-411 Border, three color, in Anthracite, Grey and Fog... € 62.73 m² w/ 1-Color* Grey

All the Quick Ship Selections... In Stock for Rapid Delivery     Pricing Below

Encaustic tile to ship to London, Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland Cement tile ready to ship to UK, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland Cement tile borders for quick shipping

In Stock Quick-Ship 20 cm Solid Color Cement Tiles for UK & Europe

Colors for quick shipping in the UK
Black and White encaustic tile
PRICING: 20 cm x 20 cm Square Tile
1-color* tiles: € 46.93 per m²
2-color tiles: € 58.78 per m²
3-color tiles: € 62.73 per m²
4-color tiles: € 66.68 per m²
5-color tiles: € 70.63 per m²
6-color tiles: € 74.58 per m²

Note: Shipping generally runs about 25% of the cost of the tile.

1-Color*: Single-color tiles do not carry the solid color throughout the thickness of the tile.  The color layer is approximately 3-5mm, and the base layer is without pigment.

Product type: cement tile Marmorzementfliese
Thickness and composition (all sizes for floor tiles): wear layer approx. 4-6mm (marble powder, cement,
pigments). Abrasiveness (Mohs) 3-4. Supporting layer approx. 10-12mm (sand, cement).

Click for Additional Technical Details.

To order, Email us !

Villa Lagoon Tile partners with Mosaico for our European cement tile orders. Watch how your tiles will be hand made one at a time, and then imagine the same process 25 times per square meter of tile ! Each of these marble dust/cement tiles must also be soaked with water to allow the hardening process to happen, then dried and cured....this part is not shown here.

Patchwork solid color tile floor European zement  tile floor

Deep blue and Ivory cement tile entranceway Modern geometric tile floorBathroom tile floor and walls in cement tile

Kitchen floor made from solid color tiles

grey-white-tile-floor in ukMosaic tile staircase floor for the UK

Bathroom tile floors photographs

Encaustic Cement Tile for the UK... England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland & Europe / Middle East

See all Patterns for UK and Europe Custom Orders

We can ship tile to all counties in the EU and various other countries. See our encaustic cement tile in many of the Revolution Bars in the UK. We can also supply a list of installations of our tile in London and public spots in the UK and Europe.

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