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VINES Cement Tile---Exclusive to Villa Lagoon Tile

grapevine tiles

We have wanted to add some organic themed tiles to our line-up for some time. These Spring Green and Periwinkle Blue VINE tiles allow you to arrange the pattern to suit your space and your fancy.

Sample tile $10 each plus postage

Contact us.

Pattern Tile:

70-100 sq ft: $8.26 per tile
101-200 sq ft: $6.88 per tile
201-500 sq ft: $6.19 per tile
Allow 2.3 tiles per sq ft.

Matching Lime:
70-100 sq ft: $5.94 per tile
+ 101 sq ft: $4.94 per tile
Allow 2.3 tiles per sq ft.


You may want to print out our sheet of tiles and cut them out to play around with your potential layouts. We are calling them by letters, L, T, Y and C...base loosely on the shape of the  design on them. Remember to order the tiles by letter. There are 16 tiles per box and we prefer to sell them in full boxes only.

vine design encaustic tiles stock cement tiles with vine design    encaustic emery e cie style tiles

grapevine encaustic cement tile like emery et cie

Grapevine tile designs

Of course this pattern can be ordered in many colors. Contact us for custom VINES orders. It is not in our Tile Design Tool and it has a special palette of colors.

This fresh color combination of Periwinkle Blue and Lime Green will bring a fresh breeze through your room.

Combine Tile C,Y,T and L for our 70 sq ft minimum.


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