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Sealing Cement Tile

We have tried so many combinations of sealants, impregnators and waxes that it isn't funny. And after 3 years of continuous testing, we have found an easy to apply water-based sealant that is superior to every method we have tried before. It comes in a nice satin finish. Villa Lagoon Tile is now stocking this product to make it easy for our clients to get the right stuff. It comes in gloss too, but unless your tiles are on a wall, stick to satin finish.

We recommend that everyone use one coat of Villa Lagoon Cement Tile Grout Release and Sealant on the tile once it is laid (and dried) as a grout release and a second or third coat over the dry grouted tile as a final finish. This sealant is applied v-e-r-y thinly.

It is renewable, so if you ever have any high traffic area of wear-thru, it can be touched up. Our sealant is non-yellowing and seems to be pretty much stain proof.

We can ship your sealant with your tile if it is in-stock tile or have it arrive via UPS. We have gallons and quarts.

Warning: Do not let your tile contractor choose your sealant. Most of the time they will sell you the brand they happen to carry (more profit for them so it makes sense, right? ) BUT usually it is the wrong product. They may genuinely think it is the best choice, and for many of the tile products they usually install, it may be.  Six months later you will find out if it was. And if it was not, then your chances of getting good adhesion with the right sealant are slim.

Pools, Showers and Fountains

Talk to us about your situation. Depending on the specifics, we can advise you about SUPER DUPER epoxy sealants.

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