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Cement Tile Free Shipping Sale! From Villa Lagoon Tile New Ombré cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile. "Katie Velvet Sky" Cement Tile, from Villa Lagoon Tile Villa Lagoon Tile's Cement Tile Design Tool "Essential Collection" Cement Tile, from Villa Lagoon Tile Terrazzo Cement Tile, from Villa Lagoon Tile

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Always on Trend: Black and White Cement Tile 🖤

Timeless doesn’t equal boring! There will always be room for black and white in the world of interior design, especially when it comes in the form of Villa Lagoon Tile’s handcrafted cement tile. This seemingly simple color combo is elevated by the depth and character that cement tile brings. Whether it be a bold and … Continue reading Always on Trend: Black and White Cement Tile 🖤

Ombré Cement Tile

The new Ombré collection from Villa Lagoon Tile is a departure from traditional cement tile design. Inspired by the traditional textile technique of dying or weaving color from dark to light, Our Ombré tiles start with a highly saturated pool of color shifts from dark to light as a result of our artisans’ deft blending … Continue reading Ombré Cement Tile

Cement Tile: Not Just for the Floor Anymore!
Photo from July 2018 HGTV magazine featuring our solid Seaside Blue hexagonal cement tile on the front of the counter.

We at Villa Lagoon Tile are all aflutter about the current issue of HGTV Magazine. In this July/August 2018 edition, you will be sure to spot the hippest little mid-century pad that just so happens to rock our cement tile! Owners Dave and Brennen together with the online design company Laurel & Wolf reimagined their condo right into … Continue reading Cement Tile: Not Just for the Floor Anymore!

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Online Tile Design Tool

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Encaustic Cement Tile is hand made, non-fired, and non-poluting. With production on three continents, we can optimize for shortest travel distance.

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