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Caribbean Palette to Benjamin Moore Color Chart


While we maintain this page as an archive, we have suspended the use of this color palette.

If your project called for the Caribbean Collection, or Caribbean Palette colors, please call us at 1-251-968-3375 or e-mail to discuss your best alternatives.

This is a list of our Caribbean Palette cement tile colors and the closest match in the Benjamin Moore paint color chart that we could pick. Since our handmade tile varies in color and they treatment that you give it will make the color vary even more, it was very hard to be exact in some cases. But at least you can know that the colors in this list will harmonize with the tile's color even if it is not an exact match to your particular tile.

Some were a sure match and others were close. We tested the tile colors both dry and waxed or wet-look to determine the closest Benjamin Moore color match. This chart is presented as a helpful tool only and no guarantees are made. Jot down name and number in case we made a typo. Back to the Caribbean Palette.

Villa Lagoon Tile, Caribbean Collection cement tile colors to nearest Benjamin Moore paint colors.
VLT Number VLT Color Name B.M. Color Benjamin Moore Color Name
CA-AM-010-A AMBER WHITE OC-105 Calming Cream
CA-AM-015-A SUGAR COOKIE 2160-50 Oklahoma Wheat
CA-AM-020-A LEMON CHIFFON 2154-40 Straw
CA-AM-025-A RADIANCE 2154-50 York Harbor Yellow
CA-AM-030-A TIBETAN GOLD 2159-40 Amber Waves
CA-AM-035-A GOLDEN ROD 2156-40 August Morning
CA-AM-040-A GOLDEN OCRE 2159-30 Apple Crisp
CA-AM-045-A DEEP AMBER 2161-20 Tawny
CA-AM-050-A PECAN PIE 2166-10 Gold Rush
CA-AM-055-A SUEDE HC-88 Jamesboro Gold
CA-AM-110-A POLK GOLD 2155-50 Suntan Yellow
CA-AM-115-A BLONDE WOOD 2160-50
Oklahoma Wheat &
Roasted Sesame Seeds (50/50)
CA-AM-120-A CANE 2158-40 Golden Mist
CA-AM-125-A OLIVE WOOD 2148-40 Light Khaki
CA-AM-130-A KHAKI HC-95 Sag Harbour Gray
CA-AV-010-A LIGHT TURQUOISE 2040-60 Antiguan Sky
CA-AV-015-A TURQUOISE 2040-50 Hazy Blue
CA-AV-020-B CARIBBEAN BLUE HC-132 Harrisburg Green
CA-AV-025-B AQUA HC-137 Mill Springs Blue
CA-AV-030-B GREEN STONE HC-131 Lehigh Green
CA-AV-035-B INDIAN GREEN HC-129 South Field Green
CA-AV-110-B ASPIRATION 2051-50 Tranquil Blue
CA-AZ-010-A POWDER BLUE 2051-70 Crystal Blue
CA-AZ-015-A LIGHT BLUE 2062-60 Blue Hydrangia
CA-AZ-020-A SKY BLUE 2061-50 Tidal Wave
CA-AZ-025-B HARBOUR SKY 2065-60 Caribbean Coast
CA-AZ-030-B JEWEL BLUE 2065-50 Blue Wave
CA-AZ-035-B ROYAL BLUE 2066-50 True Blue
CA-AZ-038-C INDIGO NA No Good Match
CA-AZ-040-B STORMY BLUE HC-151 Buckland Blue
CA-AZ-045-B STEEL BLUE HC-159 Phillipsburg Blue
CA-AZ-050-B BETHOVEN BLUE HC-157 Narrsgansot Green
CA-AZ-110-B SKY KING HC-152 Whipple Blue
CA-AZ-115-C STERLING BLUE 2063-40 Sailors Sea Blue
CA-AZ-120-C MIDNIGHT BLUE 2063-30 Blueberry
CA-AZ-140-A SILVER VELVET 2115-50 Iced Mauve
CA-AZ-180-C ORIENTAL NIGHT 2116-30 Cabernet
CA-BL-010-A WHITE 2143-60 Moonlight White
CA-BL-015-A ANTIQUE IVORY HC-80 Bleeker Beige
CA-BL-020-A TAN 2163-50 Burlap
CA-BL-110-A OXFORD WHITE 2138-70 Gray Lake
CA-ES-015-B SIENNA NA No Good Match
CA-ES-020-A NEON GREEN HC-14 Princeton Gold
CA-ES-025-A OLIVE 2143-20 Alligator Green
CA-GR-010-A PEARL GREY 2137-60 Grey Owl
CA-GR-013-A ASH GRAY 2139-40 Heather Gray
CA-GR-015-A GREY 2134-40 Whale Gray
CA-GR-050-A PEWTER 2137-40 Desert Twilight
CA-GR-110-A AUTUMN EVE 2129-50 Winter Lakes
CA-GR-115-A DARK SHADOW 2133-40 Dior Gray
CA-MA-010-A LILAC 2106-60 Soft Sand
CA-MA-015-A CORNICO BEIGE HC-59 Odessa Pink
CA-MA-020-A COCOON HC-55 Winthrop Peach
Goucho Brown &
Grandfather Clock Brown (50/50)
CA-MA-035-A CHOCOLATE MOUSSE 2113-30 Bison Brown
CA-MA-040-A BOULDER BROWN 2096-80 Hasbrook Brown
CA-MA-030-A SANDY BROWN 2108-40 Stardust
CA-RO-010-A PINK FROST 2173-50 Coral Dust
CA-RO-015-A LIGHT SALMON 2090-50 Tender Pink
CA-RO-020-A CORAL 2174-40 Dusty Mauve
CA-RO-025-A TOMATO 2089-30 Pink Mix
CA-RO-030-A INDIAN RED 2091-30 Deep Poinsetta
CA-RO-035-A FIRE BRICK 2093-20 Fresh Clay
CA-RO-040-A CHOCOLATE 2104-20 Beaver Brown
CA-RO-045-A BROWN 2109-30 Wood Grain Brown
CA-RO-050-A DARK ROAST HC-72 Branch Port Brown
CA-RO-070-A PEACH PUFF 2175-50 Peach Blossom
CA-RO-075-A TERRA COTTA HC-51 Audubon Russet (Close, but Dark)
CA-RO-080-A SANTA FE HC-51 Audubon Russet (Close, but Light)
CA-RO-085-A DEEP HENNA HC-50 Georgian Brick
CA-VE-010-A EVERFROST 2034-70 Daiquiri Ice
CA-VE-015-A ARABIAN GREEN 2034-60 Light Pistachio
CA-VE-020-A PALE GREEN 2034-50 Acadia Green
CA-VE-025-A EVERGLADE 2034-30 Grassy Fields
CA-VE-030-A PEAPOD NA No Good Match
CA-VE-035-B VERIDIAN NA No Good Match
CA-VE-040-B DARK SEA GREEN HC-126 Avon Green
CA-VE-045-B BAYOU WATERS HC-125 Cushing Green
CA-VE-050-B DARK SLATE GREEN 2050-10 Salamander
CA-VE-110-A BLANCHED TURF 2146-50 Rainforest Dew
CA-VE-115-A ROMAINE 2146-40 Pale Avacado
CA-VE-120-A MELON GREEN 2029-50 Potpourri Green
CA-VE-125-A MISTY JADE NA No Good Match
CA-VE-130-B CANA GREEN 2145-30 Brookside Moss
CA-VE-135-A GRANADA HC-121 Peale Green
CA-NG-010-A JET BLACK 2126-10 Black Tar

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