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Rotary Floor Buffers and Floor Polishers

We have added links to some readily available floor polishers/buffers and some offer a cleaning function too. There are still many models of household floor polishers although they are hard to find in local discount and department stores. Sometimes you can pick one up at a Goodwill store or yard sale. The older ones had metal cases and weigh more which is a good thing. For your convienence we have put links to several modern models at reasonable prices. Just remember not to use any cleaning products that are not ph neutral on your cement tile floors. Don't have to know for sure so call the manufacturer and ask. Or see the Caldrea detergents that we recommend here.

You do not HAVE to have an electric floor buffer to keep your cement floors nice but it helps. With the interchangable pads, you can use these machines to clean your new floor, apply paste wax to your cement tile and buff up the shine.

Cement Floor Crystalization

If you are interested in a very high-gloss finish, read our article on crystalization.

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