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Monterey Palette to Sherwin-Williams Color Chart

This is a list of our Monterey Collection cement tile colors and the closest match in the Sherwin-Williams color chart that we could pick. Our handmade cement tile has variation in color and the treatment that you give it affects things, it was very hard to be exact in some cases. At least you can know that the colors in this list will be pretty accurate in hue although some tiles will be a slightly lighter or darker shade.

Some were a sure match and others were close. We tested the cement tile colors both raw and sealed to determine the closest Sherwin-Williams color match. This chart is presented as a helpful tool only and no guarantees are made. Jot down name and number in case we made a typo.

Villa Lagoon Tile, Monterey Collection cement tile colors to nearest Sherwin-Williams paint colors.
VLT Number VLT Color Name SW Color Sherwin-Williams Color Name
MO-100 White SW6385 Dover White
MO-101 Black SW6258 Triconn Black
MO-102 Clam SW7013 Ivory Lace
MO-103 Naranja SW6639 Avid Apricot
MO-104 Cafe SW6160 Kilim Beige
MO-105 Rosa SW6022 Breathless
MO-106 Gray SW7015 Repose Gray
MO-107 Terra Cotta SW6340 Robust Orange
MO-108 Navy SW6230 Rainstorm
MO-109 Gold SW6375 Honeycomb
MO-915 Mocha SW6116 Tatami Tan
MO-912 Blue Fonce SW6803 Danube
MO-911 Blue Clair SW6800 Something Blue
MO-910 Vert Fonce SW6740 Kilkenny
MO-909 Vert Clair SW6737 Kiwi
MO-908 Jaune Fonce SW6374 Torchlight
MO-907 Jaune Clair SW6372 Inviting Ivory
MO-906 Chocolate SW6041 Otter
MO-905 Caramel SW6360 Folksy Gold
MO-904 Rouge SW6333 Foxy
MO-903 Salmon SW6323 Romance
MO-902 Blanc SW6140 Moderate White
MO-901 Brun Camois SW6394 Sequin
MO-900 Gris SW7015 Repose Gray
MO-293 Azul Caribe SW6950 Calypso
MO-291 Verde Caribe SW6716 Dancing Green
MO-289 Azul Weathley SW6967 Frank Blue
MO-225 Mohave SW6362 Tiger Eye
MO-160 Azul Rey SW6530 Revel Blue
MO-123 Melon SW6344 Peach Fuzz
MO-122 Sandstone SW6101 Sands of TIme
MO-110 Green SW6186 Dried Thyme
MO-111 D'Hanis Red SW6335 Fired Brick
MO-113 Taupe SW6044 Doeskin
MO-114 Sage SW6185 Escape Gray
MO-115 Adobe SW6325 Constant Coral
MO-117 Heather SW6269 Beguiling Mauve
MO-118 Peacock SW6485 Raindrop
MO-119 Blue SW6493 Ebbtide
MO-120 Aqua SW6752 Larchmere
MO-121 Verde Canada SW6453 Cilantro
MO-919 Brick Red SW6328 Fireweed
MO-923 Dark Brown SW6054 Canyon Clay
MO-366 Amar Dorado SW6391 Gallant
MO-367 Crema SW6389 Butternut
MO-364 Blue Asia SW6477 Tidewater
MO-165 Gris Mexico SW7017 Dorian Gray
MO-213 Rojo Palo Alto SW6000 Enticing Red
MO-365 Chocolat SW6076 Turkish Coffee
MO-924 Azul Morocco SW6794 Flyaway
MO-150 Verde Militar SW6167 Garden Gate
MO-363 Green Asia SW6179 Artichoke
MO-324 Charcoal SW7019 Gauntlert Gray
MO-917 Green Forest SW6187 Rosemary
MO-916 Sand SW6114 Bagel
MO-913 French Blue SW6515 Leisure Blue
MO-914 Sky Blue SW6507 Resolute Blue
MO-902 Blanc SW6140 Moderate White
MO-293 Azul Caribe SW6950 Calypso
MO-918 Oxford Gray SW6003 Proper Gray
MO-921 Natural Gray SW6199 Rare Gray
MO-922 Graphite SW6017 Intuitive

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