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Patchwork Tile Installations

Patchwork tile has become incredibly popular lately, and we stock ready-made mixes to save our clients from having to pick and choose complimentary patterns. Please note that patchwork arrangements change over time, so some installation photos and arrangements shown here may depict patterns and colors no longer in stock. (For UK/Europe Click here)

US/North America In-Stock Patchwork Tile

Standard Patchwork

Patchwork Cement Tile

In-Stock Patchwork

Patchwork Evening

Patchwork Evening In-Stock Tile

Patchwork Evening

Just makes you smile to see 'em.....

Actual photos:

Patchwork tile in cement
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Patchwork encaustic cement tile
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Patchwork tile floors are a happy, carefree look.  They are great for cafes, breakfast-rooms, sun porches, restrooms, and anywhere a festive, optimistic atmosphere is desired. And they are great at hiding crumbs !

Hi Lundy, We received our tile yesterday. Opening each box is like receiving a different Christmas present. Regards, Matt, 1/26/13

Patchwork tile in Santa Monica
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Los Angeles cement tile installation
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L A Times shows The Bungalow in Santa Monica decked out in our tile !

The Whole Foods Grocery in San Antonio (Vineyard) used our Patchwork Tile to add cheerfulness to their restroon foyer. They selectively picked out the colors they wanted from our mix.

Whole Foods San Antonio Patchwork Tile


The Bungalow at the Santa Monica Fairmont Hotel patchwork tile floor

Patchwork tile under pool talbe at the Bungalow in Calif

Tiles on TV

We have been honored to supply our UK Patchwork Tiles to BBC1 for one of the UK's most popular TV shows,
"DIY-SOS: The Big Build" at the request of the designer Gabrielle Blackman.
If you can get this show on your TV, watch for us.
Our tile was used as part of a life changing transformation to the home of a deserving family in the South West of England in Ottery St Mary.

This kitchen (below), using our former Patchwork Mix, was featured on BBC One TV show DIY SOS , The Big Build.

BBC One TV show kitchen tiles
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BBC 1 The Big Build Patchwork Tiles
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It is suggested that you print out the layout you like for your tile installer to follow. We have found it is a bit of a challange to achieve a nice balanced layout without some planning.

Combine Patchwork Tile for unlimited possibilities:

Patchwork floor tile designs
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Apartment Therapy shows one of our Patchwork installations in Chicago:

Patchwork tile floor in Chicago
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Read More about this Chicago Loft

Patchwork on wall at Tash Kabob Restaurant, Washington DC.

Tash House of Kabob, Washington, D.C.


Patchwork "Elegance"

Patchwork "Elegance" Cement Tile

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