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Roto Tile™ Cement Tile - Pattern Design

Our new Roto Tile™ shares one of the great strengths of all cement tile: custom pattern molds. For a small fee we can create a custom pattern mold (imagine a cookie cutter) to create any possible pattern design in either the connector shape, the circle shape, or both.

To illustrate, we've already imagined our first Roto Tile™ pattern, "Ripples", which creates a repeating pattern among the connector pieces resembling the patterns created by light relfecting and refracting from ripples in the water.

Roto Mold Ideas

Roto Mold Idea Layout

Ripples as shown with Aqua, Verde Caribe and Azul Caribe, with Blue Clair circles.

50 square foot minimum total order.
Call us at 1-251-968-3375 or e-mail to discuss your project.

The term "Roto Tile" is an exclusive trademark of Villa Lagoon Tile.

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