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Villa Lagoon Tile's Exclusive collection of encaustic cement tiles inspired by the marble floors of St. Mark's Basilica and Venice.


Available for shipment in the US immediately upon payment. Minimum total order of 70 square feet (mix any patterns of in-stock tiles, whole boxes only). Sample tiles available for $10 plus shipping. Call or e-mail to order, get a sample, or check available quantity.

See all our In-Stock Tile Here.


These patterns may be customized using any of our Monterey Collection Pallette colors. Permit 10-14 weeks for production and delivery. Custom tile requires a minimum total order of 100 square feet. You may consider finding complimentary patterns, borders, and corners from the Monterey Collection, to go with your Venetian Series tiles. These patterns are all 8" square, trim and bullnose pieces are also available using matching Monterey Pallette colors.


NOTE: Cement tiles are not for everyone. Cement tiles show variation in the same batch. Cement tiles will not be identical from piece to piece. Colors will vary. This is a result of the handmade process and the nature of cement. Mixing tiles from different boxes is recommended to achieve a balanced, naturally rich appearance.

See solid-color installations that showcase the rich variation of cement tile.

Monterey Collection Palette, 63 available cement tile colors.

See The Monterey Collection Palette

Over 60 colors available including Villa Lagoon Tile exclusives. Find Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams color match charts, and photos of our color chipsets. Some of these colors are available as 8" solid-color in-stock tile.

"Giovanni" Pattern 8" Custom Tile

"Italian Trellis" Pattern 8" Custom Tile

"Murano" Pattern 8" Custom Tile

"Piazza" Pattern 8" Custom Tile

"Rocca" Pattern 8" Custom Tile

"Saint Mark's" Pattern 8" Custom Tile

"Savona" Pattern 8" Custom Tile

"Sicily" Pattern 8" Custom Tile

"Treviso" Pattern 8" Custom Tile

Italy has inspired us to create a marvelous cement tile series.

In our travels we have walked for miles taking photos of floors while all around us other people are taking photos of walls and ceiling, altars, or loved ones with big smiles. We can't help it. It is the fabulous floors with the geometric magic that fascinate us.

Our colors in this new tile collection reflect the traditional marble found on floors all over Venice and Italy.

Venice is a coastal island city, and the culture and arts reflect the seafaring history of Venice. In Villa Lagoon Tile's Venetian Series are two tiles which contain elements of the sea.

The floor of St. Mark's church in Venice is a marble carpet spread over 2000+ square metres.

The great wealth of Venice not only afforded highly precious marbles but also secured a workforce of craftsmen who, in all probability, were brought to Venice from Constantinople or Byzantine Greece, including the architects and mosaicists who adorned the walls and ceilings. Venetian taste for richly decorated surfaces can be seen everywhere you look.

italian marble mosaic floor
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italian mosaic tile floor
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italian mosaic tile floor
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italian mosaic tile floor
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roman statue
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italian marble tile floor
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Italian marble sculpture at tivoli fountain
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Piazza cement tile
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Italian marble tiles in classic patterns
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Italian marble floor in churches
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