“In-Stock Solid Fishscale“ Moroccan Cement Tile

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In-Stock Solid Fishscale
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These are 8" "Fishscale" shaped cement tiles (200x200mm), using colors from the South Beach Palette.

Single color "fishscale" shaped cement tiles for immediate shipment in the US and Canada. Use for walls, backsplashes, floors, patios and more. Use a single color, blend complimentary colors, or get creative!

PLEASE NOTE: "Solid Color" only indicates that the tile has one color, with no pattern or design. The pigment only extends through the wear layer (about 3mm-5mm), with the remaining tile body layers having no pigment. If you require finished edges, custom bullnose and other trim pieces will be needed.

  • Size - 8" Interlocking Shape
  • Coverage - 4.2 tiles per SF