Dekar Design Cement Tile Series

Dekar Design Cement Tile from Villa Lagoon Tile

Dekar Design

Dolores Suarez and Caroline Grant are the design duo behind the New York City based firm Dekar Design. Known for luxury residential projects ranging from apartments in historic Manhattan buildings to Hamptons homes, they're also the go-to hospitality interior designers for many of New York's best loved restaurants. They've completed the West Village townhouse space Bobo (for which they got a James Beard Award nomination very early on in their careers) as well as Italian and French staples like Roey's and Claudette and the high profile vegan staple ByChloe. Trained as decorative painters, the firm is known for their understanding of pattern and color and ability to create spaces that are beautiful but livable.

We have had the pleasure of working with Dekar on all of their projects with cement tile over the last several years, so when they suggested a collaboration on a new series of designer cement tile patterns, we were ready to go!

Dolores Suarez and Caroline Grant, the principals of Dekar Design.