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"Raylen A" Cement Tile, from Villa Lagoon Tile In-Stock "Byzantine" Cement Tile, from Villa Lagoon Tile Troika, Custom Triangle Cement Tile In-stock Canterbury Three Cement Tile. In-Stock "Lancelot Blue" Cement Tile

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Cement Tile at The Hotel Van Zandt

The buzz about Austin’s new Hotel Van Zandt is really hitting the airways. Mark Zeff’s music driven design is a true chart-topper and keeping in harmony with Zeff’s vision you will absolutely find Villa Lagoon Tile. As explored in the most recent issue of Interior Design, cement tile is among The Van Zandt’s hits. Our … Continue reading Cement Tile at The Hotel Van Zandt

Cement Tile for Foodies

Where Great Taste Begins… We spotted a few of our cement tiles while flipping through the March 2016 issue of Bon Appetit. In fact, you’re likely to find our cement tile wherever you find amazing food or is it the other way around….you decide.   Spot it below: Lisbon (Third down on the left), Tangier (Third … Continue reading Cement Tile for Foodies

Cement tile in France –Is Cement Tile Durable ?
Paris France cement tiles at the airport

We are frequently asked if cement tile are durable. In general terms we always say “yes”, and tell clients about the many installations over 100 years old and still in service. Not so long ago Dave and I were passing through the PARIS CHARLES DE GAULLE airport and immediately upon disembarking the airplane, we were walking over colorful … Continue reading Cement tile in France –Is Cement Tile Durable ?

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Encaustic Cement Tile is hand made, non-fired, and non-poluting. With production on three continents, we can optimize for shortest travel distance.

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