About Us

Our original "Fan Vine" cement tile, at Alfred Coffee, Studio City, California.

About Us

Lundy Wilder and the Villa Lagoon Tile staff share a passion for cement tile. Based on the US Gulf Coast, they serve clients world-wide. Villa Lagoon Tile has tile makers in several countries which provide tile for residential and hospitality projects everywhere.

Our client list includes notable architects and designers in many countries. Villa Lagoon Tile would love to talk to you about your project. Both in-stock and custom tile is available.

Meet Our team

When you call 1-251-968-3375, you will reach our office in Gulf Shores, Alabama. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Lundy P. Wilder, Founder of Technology of Villa Lagoon Tile.

Lundy P. Wilder

As an entrepreneur and world traveler, Lundy fell in love with the patterned cement tile she had seen in Central America and Europe. While designing her Mediterranean-Style waterfront home, "Villa Lagoon", she knew this tile would be the perfect material, and allow her the greatest possible creative expression. At the time, cement tile was little-known, and almost unavailable in the United States. Recognizing the new value she could share, "Villa Lagoon Tile" was born, and Lundy became a leader in the U.S. revival of cement tile.

John M. Adams, Director of Technology of Villa Lagoon Tile.

John M. Adams

A computer science graduate of Hawaii Pacific University, John is our Director of Technology, and author of our Tile Design Tool. John has been working with cement tile since 2012.

Rusty Dillon, Senior Consulting Manager / Generally Cool Guy of Villa Lagoon Tile.

Rusty Dillon

High speed pursuits, private jets, secret spy missions, and multi-platinum albums. None of these things have anything to do with me, but at least I got your attention. The reality is that I'm just a down-to-earth dude that tries to help my clients complete their projects in whatever way I am able during the day. After hours, I'm a very accomplished woodworker, a mediocre hard rock drummer, and just the worst dancer you could ever imagine. When it's time to buckle down and complete a task, I'm your man. When it's time to relax and joke around, I've got you covered there, too. ps. I freakin' love kittens! Except the ones without fur- those things weird me out.

Rusty Dillon, Senior Consulting Manager / Generally Cool Guy of Villa Lagoon Tile.

Melissa Adams Dillon

Melissa has degrees in Fine Art and Graphic Design, and had already won a National commercial art contest, before joining Villa Lagoon Tile. Now our lead designer, Melissa's work has been recognized in architecture and interior design publications, and her Ombré Series was awarded the ASID Design Impact Award in 2019.

Zach Weinzierl, Warehouse Manager at Villa Lagoon Tile.

Zach Weinzierl

My name is Zach Weinzierl, I am the warehouse manager. In charge of shipping, receiving and maintaining a professional working environment.

Alexis, Administrative Assistant at Villa Lagoon Tile.


Alexis, or "Alex" is an Account Executive at Villa Lagoon Tile. He is an accomplished service representative with training in logistics and office administration. After gaining his bearings in operations, his knowledge of cement tile and service made him perfect for transitioning into sales. He'd be happy to sell you his favorite tile, Nuevo Castillo Fuego, or anything else that strikes your passion.

Colton, Parcel Shipper at Villa Lagoon Tile.

Colton Norris

Hi, I pack your tile. When I'm not doing that I enjoy being at home with my wife and our dog. Hobbies include playing guitar or Magic: The gathering. My favorite color is green, my favorite season is winter and my favorite tile is Amalena Burgundy. I really want a pet Dragon.

Dax, Shipping Associate at Villa Lagoon Tile.

Dax Norris

My father was an expert craftsman of fine material handling pallets and my mother was an expert fabricator of fine cardboard containers, so it was only natural that I was born to be an expert freight packaging technician. I love life, I love my family, and I love freight packaging. I love it so much that I offered Villa Lagoon Tile money to let me package their freight. They said "No, we'll pay you to package freight." From that day forward, these suckers started paying me to pursue my hobby as a freight packaging technician. Often I get to pack my favorite tiles, the Ikat Series.

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About Villa Lagoon Tile

Villa Lagoon Tile was initially established when Lundy sought out a studio for her own tile designs for her Gulf Coast home.

During the construction of a DAC-ART Building System hurricane proof home in Gulf Shores, AL, owner, Lundy Wilder realized that the only flooring choice that really made sense for an Italian classic home in this storm-prone area was the tile that she had seen in her travels often called encaustic cement tile. After much research, she determined that the tile was still wildly popular in many parts of the world, but virtually unknown in the States.

Another observation was that while there were exotic, colorful and even hypnotic patterns available from the far corners of the world, few of the designs would appeal to North Americans who have grown accustomed to living with mono-chromatic floors. Additionally, there were no patterns available that reflected coastal lifestyles and color schemes.

So "what's a girl to do ?" ... go into the tile business in order to get the tile she needs for a Gulf Coast home.

Lundy has designed multi-colored tile patterns that achieve many things. They harmonize beautifully with both the popular and classic colors loved by coastal dwellers and the historic mosaic tiles are extremely versatile in how they can be used.

Traditional floors made of encaustic cement tiles are laid out like a carpet or rug and often have a coordinating border just as a Persian rug might. Lundy has created tiles that can be mixed and matched with various borders or used wall-to-wall with no border. Some of the tiles have interlocking patterns that can be laid in both a tessellating 90 degree turn pattern, or laid side-by-side with no rotation for an entirely different look. Villa Lagoon Tile now offers both traditional interlocking mosaic-like designs and bold contemporary all-over patterns.

Villa Lagoon Tiles can be delivered to your project, home or business. Once you decide on your design and colors, your order will be made and shipped in about 8-14 weeks, depending on the collection. Should another storm hit the Gulf Coast, Lundy feels sure that her beautiful floors will remain intact, just as her DAC-ART guest house has through two of the biggest natural disasters to ever hit the Gulf Coast.