The Cressida Bell Collection

Cressida Bell Cement Tile from Villa Lagoon Tile

Cressida Bell

Villa Lagoon Tile has long been on a mission to push the boundaries of design by creating signature custom looks for residential and commercial projects. In our quest for new and unique design elements, the we have partnered with renowned English interior and textile designer Cressida Bell. Our Cressida Bell Collection is Bell’s first-ever collaboration with a cement tile manufacturer.

Bell is celebrated for the wide range of products she produces from her London studio, including accessories for men, women, and the home. She also designs and makes many custom-made items, including stationery, murals, carpets, and furnishing fabrics. Her well-known Bloomsbury Group forebears have an undoubted influence, but it is not all pervasive. The group comprised English writers, philosophers, and artists, including Bell's grandmother, Vanessa Bell, and great aunt, Virginia Woolf.

The Cressida Bell Collection incorporates some Bloomsbury-influenced elements. However, Bell’s highly decorative style also stems from her innate sensibility and the ability to draw inspiration from other art forms worldwide —including African prints and Turkish pottery and textiles — which she then transforms into her own inimitable designs.

"This is my first collaboration with a cement tile manufacturer because I love that Villa Lagoon Tile's cement tiles are high-quality, beautifully handcrafted works of art. Also, the designs can be customized online with your own colorways, which is a huge bonus for the customer," said Bell. "Every design I've created over the years tells a unique story, and I have thoroughly enjoyed redesigning them into repeating patterns for cement tile applications."

Artist and designer Cressida Bell pouring paint in her London studio.