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"Plumeria Uno", an "N-Finity" Cement Tile

The "Plumeria Uno" cement tile was inspired by the Plumeria, or Frangipani flower. Soft and crisp at the same moment; curling and flowing and full of wonderful scents. We couldn't get the scent in the tile, but being an N-FINITY DESIGN it allows you to place them freely in any way, imitating the crisp flow and almost the aroma of the Plumeria petals. A very luscious and sophisticated cement tile.

Cement tile bathroom photos

8" Cement tile, 5/8" thick, matte finish, aprox. 3 lbs. , allow 2.3 tiles per sq ft.
Your choice of colors (same palette as the South Beach Collection). See the Stu Neyland Collection home for the current time to manufacture and ship.

Or, Any Colors You want !!

Cement tile patio photos

South Florida tile floors

N-finity cement tile design from stu neyland Beach house tile floor in blues


This tile is now in our Tile Design Tool !

Our Plumeria Uno cement tile can be laid out in infinate number of ways. The shapes on the tiles align with one another on any of the four sides. You can have an organized repeat pattern or a totally random configuration. It is your call. We think this pattern looks alot like ripples on the water but see above for some suggested color combinations for a completely different look.

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