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"Treviso" Cement Tile, from Villa Lagoon Tile.

"Treviso" Geometric Cement Tile In Stock

This is a 3-color 8" cement tile, using Black, White, and Featherstone from the South Beach Palette.

This boldly geometric pattern is reminiscent of the kinds of patterns you would see formed in marble and stone mosaic floors of Venecian Gothic and Italo-Byzantine architecture. It also features perception-bending effects similar to those explored by M.C.Escher's "impossible constructions" works.

Regular Pricing
"Treviso", Lot SB-C06, In Stock

Standard Price:$6.24 per tile ($14.35 / square foot)12 tiles per box.
2.3 Tiles per Sq.Ft.
500+ sq ft:Call us for a custom quote.
Sample Tile:$12.00 ea. (inc. shipping) (See Limits)

30 square foot minimum order. You can mix any in-stock patterns to reach the minimums (whole boxes only).

Close, but not quite there? Consider a second project for a new kitchen backsplash, bathroom accent wall, or even a picnic table top.

Call us at 1-251-968-3375 or e-mail to discuss your project or order samples.


Click here for a description and video of how these hand-made products are produced.

Custom Tile

Unlike with many other products, custom cement tile has no special mark-up. In fact, custom tile can sometimes be slightly less, or even significantly less with large enough orders. Essentially, all cement tile is custom: each tile is hand-made. We pioneered the online in-stock experience to overcome the only difficulty of custom tile: production time. If your project doesn't require your tile for 10-14 weeks or more, and your project is over 50 square feet, custom tile may be your best choice.

You can choose from hundreds of patterns and dozens of colors in the South Beach Collection.

You can even have us create a new, and unique pattern for less than you think... just ask us for details.

Call us at 1-251-968-3375 or e-mail to discuss your project or order samples.

Size and Dimensions
8" Square Encaustic Cement Tile

8" nominal square. Approximately 20 centimeters, or 7 78 inches.

58" thick.

2.3 tiles per square foot. 12 tiles per box. 5.22 square feet per box.

Click here for more technical details.

How to Order

Call us at 1-251-968-3375 or e-mail to discuss your project or order samples.

After searching for a custom freight quote, we'll create and send you an invoice, with several payment options, including major credit cards, Paypal, and their "Bill Me Later" financing service.

For e-mail quote requests, please provide with your patterns and quantities a call-back number and a delivery address with zip code, and let us know if this location is residential, or commercial (loading dock or forklift present).

Treviso cement tile, in a 9x6 layout.
Treviso cement tile, from Villa Lagoon Tile.
Treviso cement tile kitchen floor, from Villa Lagoon Tile.
This client created a beautiful kitchen floor installation using a slightly alternate layout.

Drake One Fifty

Bold geometric cement tile

These images come from the installation underway at the Drake Hotel's new restaurant project, Drake One Fifty. This was a highly custom project, and a lot of fun for us. What you see is actually two different tiles. First, a custom-made shape: a 17" elongated hex tile. This two-color mold produces the black and white regions. These are laid with gray triangular tiles to produce the beautiful pattern. Our 8" square Treviso produces a similar effect in the more economical 8" square shape.

Drake One Fifty cement tile installation
Construction Photo Before Sealing
Drake One Fifty cement tile installation
Construction Photo After Sealing

Note that the tiles on the left are are unsealed. These were taken after the tile were sanded down to correct some lippage from installation. Look how much deeper the black is in the sealed tile on the right!

"Treviso" Pattern Custom 8" Tile

We have developed a number of classic and fun colorways for custom orders with this pattern, or design your own with the Monterey Palette of over 60 colors! 50 square foot minimum custom order (small order charges may apply under 100 square feet). Click Here for the Venetian Collection Custom Tile.

Click the tiles for larger images and a list of colors used:

Treviso ClassicTreviso VeniceTreviso NautiqueTreviso Nautique BTreviso SepiaTreviso GoldTreviso Midnight

These are not stock tiles. "Custom Tile" lead times and minimums apply.

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