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Our tile has the shortest travel to your project of any encaustic cement tile.

And it is hand made & non-fired.


Video introduction to cement tile

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Cement tiles are not for everyone. Cement tiles show variation in the same batch. Cement tiles will not be identical from piece to piece. This is a result of the handmade process and the nature of cement. Mixing tiles from different boxes is recommended to achieve a naturally rich appearance.

Villa Lagoon Tile is is a non-fired green product, created using basic earth components and natural pigments. This type of tile is called Encaustic Cement Tile or Cuban Tile in the States and  Mosaicos Hidraulicos in other parts of the world. The artisan manufacturing process has not changed since the 1850's.

Minimum energy, except human 'elbow grease', is used to make our cement tiles.

Our tile designs reflect both casual and formal living. Villa Lagoon Tile is perfect for waterfront and inland applications... suitable for both commercial and residential locations.

Our tiles go by many names. They include Cement Tile, Cuban Tile, Cuban Mortar Tiles, Mosaicos Hidraulicos, Mission Tile, Encaustic Tile, Hydraulic Tile, Carreaux de Ciment, Potosi, Redondo Tile, Incrusted Tile, Victorian Tiles, Mattonelle Cementine, piastrelle decorate, Baldosas Hidraulicas, Ladrilhos Hidraulicos, Impasta, Barcelona Tile, Encausti or Mattonelle Vittoriane, Carrelage, Portuguese tegels, Baldosas de mosaicos hidraulicos also known as Manilans as Malaga in the Philippines , and called simply cement tile (carrelages du ciment) in France and Belgium...In Puerto Rico hydraulic mosaic tile is known as "slab Creole" or "native slab", was introduced on the island around 1900. 

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