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Cement Tile Specs and Technical Information

Product Description
Manufacturing Process
Product Components
  1. Wear Layer or Color layer
    3-5 mm thickness affixed to the tile body by 1,500-1,700 PSI mechanical pressure. The layer is composed of:
    • White Portland Cement
    • Marble Dust
    • Silica Sand
    • Calcium Carbonate
    • Mineral Pigments for Color (i.e. Iron, Cobalt and Chromium Oxides)
  2. Tile Body
    10 –12 mm in thickness, this part of the tile is composed of:
    • Gray Portland Cement
    • Sand
    • Calcium carbonate
Manufacturing Tolerance
Average Coefficient of Friction
Abrasiveness (scratch-resistance)
DIN 18500
Freeze/Thaw Resistance
Acid Resistance
Use in Wet Areas
Also 14" x 14" now available in solid colors.

Some mosaic patterns are in 8" format, some in 10" format, but this chartbelow will show you all tile sizes available. Cement tile is easily cut with a standard diamond blade on a wet saw. Solid colors are available up to 14" square format.

Cement tile sizes
Trim pieces for finishing out your tile walls, for thresholds, and for edging a tile floor around a room.

Available in:

Skirting baseboard tiles available in 5.5" x 8" :

Skirting baseboard tiles
Pavers-(Tochos)--Relief Tile--Textured Tile

Full 80+ Color Palette to match perfect for driveways, around swimming pools, patios, etc.

The tiles also make fabulous walls...on a privacy wall around your pool or poolhouse. Around your hotub Wow!

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