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See How Cement Tiles are Made

A lot of work goes into each and ever cement tile we sell. There are so many steps from start to delivery to you. Once clients know the amount of handwork involved, everyone agrees that our prices are a bargain !

Here you see our "Araceli" tile being made in Mexico.

The same process is used by our Moroccan tile maker who makes some of our instock tile and also all our European orders.

Many of our tile travel a long way before they get to you. It is just amazing that they arrive in such good shape. See the Sierra Madre Mountains that much of our tile travels through to get to the border at Texas.

Cement tile travels Cement tile traveles a long way

When your tile arrives, welcome and cherish them like you would special momentos from another world and another time.

Our European orders travel many miles on this road before they board ship for the Coast of Spain.

Road to Casablanca for cement tiles

The result is amazing cement tiles !!

Installing the antique reproduction cement tiles

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