Quick Look: Terrazzo Cement Tile

new style on the block: terrazzo cement tile

We have a total design game changer at Villa Lagoon Tile! Now you can add the depth and visual texture of terrazzo to all or part of your favorite cement tile patterns.4 examples of terrazzo cement tile

Terrazzo Cement Tile is suitable for all commercial and residential floors and walls when the appropriate application procedures are followed.4 examples of terrazzo cement tile

3 Sizes of White Marble Chips Availablephotos showing the different size terrazzo chips available

Villa Laggon Tile's Cubes A with mother of pearl terrazzo
Mother of Pearl Terrazzo Chips Also Available

You can make a major design impact with VLT’s Terrazzo Cement Tile! Solid terrazzo cement tiles can be made as large as 15×15 inches and the patterned terrazzo cement tiles are available in 8×8 and 12×12 inch formats.4 examples of terrazzo cement tile

For more information about our terrazzo options,  sample requests or placing an order Email us at info@villalagoontile.com or call us at 251.968.3375color swatches of cement tile terrazzo

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Design Just Got Real with Villa Lagoon Tile’s New Design Tool!

All new cement tile design tool. Add this to your creative workflow!

THE WAIT IS OVER! Our new cement tile design tool is now up and running! You can get lost for hours (and hours and hours) with the endless possible colorways!

Screenshot of our tile design tool's welcome page.

100s of Cement Tile Patterns Available! Step One is to pick the patterns you want to play with, don’t forget to consider a border pattern for a truly show-stopping design! Feel free to let us know if you don’t see the pattern you’re looking for.

Screenshot of our design tool's pattern page.

SO Many Colors! Step two is to get your color on! Our South Beach Palette has 80+ colors for you to design with so you’re sure to find the perfect combo.

Screenshot of our design tool's color selection/placement page.

Lay It Out! Step three is where the magic happens. Now you can see how your tile looks grouped together! Add a patterned border or a solid color tile to really enhance your cement tile design game.

Screenshot of our tile design's layout page featuring patterned and solid cement tile.

Floorify for Fun! Toggle that “on/off floorify” button – you know you want to!

Screenshot of our design tool's layout page with the "Floorify" option on.

Save Save Save! Step four is a real life saver! With a click of the “Download/Print” button, you can have the perfect tear sheet for your client or vision board!

Example of the tear sheet document generated by out tile tool.

Voila! Step five for the finish! When you’re ready for a quote or to place your order just email us the tile tool generated tear sheet along with your contact info, your project’s location and the quantity need for each tile and we can get started with turning your creativity into reality.


Photo of our "Caprice Summer" cement tile.

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Using Cement Tiles Outdoors: The Importance of Using a Top-Coat Sealant with UV Filters


The presence of cement tiles as floor and wall covering indoors is established and continues to grow as architects and designers find new uses that enhance their projects. To a lesser extent, the uses of these versatile, colorful tiles outdoors are slowly being discovered. Their use on building facades and walls creates a work of art that compliments the building architecture and design. Cement tiles are prominently used outdoors in a few hotels such as the SLS Miami and SLS Las Vegas as pool decking. The stunning addition of patterned tiles in those areas creates a bright colorful background to the pool designs as bathers and sun worshippers relax sipping Pina Coladas.

An important factor to consider when using cement tiles is the use of the appropriate sealant for indoor or outdoor installations. We have conducted tests that provide clear evidence that the use of a top coat with UV filters is vital to maintaining the vibrant colors in cement tiles. Without the UV filters, the colors can noticeably fade in as little as four to five months.

Testing Method

Dry Treat Stain-Proof Impregnating Sealant
VLT Grout Release & Top-Coat Sealant

A colorful cement tile was selected and prepared by marking off spaces where two sealant treatments would be applied. A Control section on the tile with no sealant was allotted. The test articles were:

  • Dry-Treat – Stain-Proof, a premium Impregnating/Penetrating sealant.
  • Villa Lagoon Grout Release and Top-Coat Sealant, a co-polymer top-coat sealant containing UV Filters.

The products were applied as directed by the manufacturer. Two coats of the VLT Grout Release/Top-Coat were applied and allowed to dry for 24 hours. The Dry-Treat/Stain Proof was applied in succession 3 times and allowed to dry for 24 hours.

On May 9, 2016, the tile were placed outdoors in an open space, no shade or covering. The tile was exposed to all weather elements present in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The weather there is typically hot, humid, lots of sun and lots of rain. Temperatures ranged from 70 F to 95 F with heat indices of >105 F. The tile was not maintained or cared for in any manner. The tile was often in direct all-day sunshine from May 9, 2016, thru September 21, 2016. Periodic rain and thunderstorms occurred, no hail or other weather events were present.


  • Initially, on the test tile just after application of the Dry-Treat a slight change color (enhancement) was noticed but faded over the course of the 24 hour drying period.
  • The VLT Grout Release/Top-Coat Sealant showed a marked color enhancement that continued through the entire test period.
  • The test tile was brought inside on Sep 21, 2016, after 19 weeks+ 2 days exposure.
  • The tile was allowed to cool to room temperature prior to observations being recorded.
  • The test (Treated) tile was compared to an identical tile (Control) that had been stored in a sealed box in a warehouse. It had never been exposed to sunlight.
  • The Treated tile showed obvious effects of weather. On the Treated tile, the Control section where no sealant was applied showed fading in all the colors except for the white portions of the tile.
  • The VLT Grout Release/Top-Coat treated section of the tile showed no fading and the color remained vibrant and rich.
  • The Dry Treat/Stain Proof/Impregnating sealant showed comparable fading as in the Control (no Sealant section).


  • The results of this simple test demonstrate that for outdoor use of cement tile, the VLT Grout Release/Top Coat co-polymer sealant with UV filters prevents fading and we consider it to be a superior treatment than the Dry Treat/Stain-Proof product for outside use.
  • The use of the VLT Grout Release/Top Coat co-polymer sealant provides an appealing color enhancement effect on cement tiles.

The UV filters prevented the colors from fading when exposed to bright sunshine for a long period of time. Though not tested in this experiment, we believe the VLT Grout Release/Top-Coat co-polymer sealant will prevent staining from bird droppings and other organic stains from leaves and natural debris.



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Florentine Shaped Cement Tile

The romance of Italy is captured in our new shaped tile.
The color options are unlimited and cement tile has never looked better !

Villa Lagoon Tile’s “Florentine” shaped tile comes in two parts. The larger piece is about 11 inches at the widest point and the smaller piece is 8 inches across. This tile can come in any thickness. The usual for interiors is 16mm (5/8″) but when thinner or thicker is needed, we can do it.

Florentine shaped cement tile dimensions from Villa Lagoon Tile


Our Florentine shaped tile has a slight Fleur-de-Lis relief pattern on each tile which improves traction.

We are stocking it in Black and Featherstone Gray but imagine the possibilities of color combinations.

Colorful Florentine Shaped cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile


A few of the several colors available for Florentine shaped cement tile, from Villa Lagoon Tile


Our Stock Tile is ready to ship. We started with a Black & Gray combination because it fits so many needs. This would be a stunning wine cellar floor or the foyer in a Hollywood Hills Spanish revival home.

Photo-scans of Florentine shaped cement tiles, in Black and Featherstone, from Villa Lagoon Tile



Florentine shaped cement tile, from Villa Lagoon Tile


Just imagine a courtyard or restaurant paved in this stunning tile.

Florentine shaped cement tile, from Villa Lagoon Tile


Call today to tell us what creative color combinations you want to order as samples using
our South Beach cement tile colors. 


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“Best of 2013” Design Award, a Cement Tile Win.

Interior Design magazine has chosen the “Best of the Year” for 2013, and we’d like to congratulate our client, Meyer Davis Studio for winning “Best of the Year 2013: Fine Dining“. Their project “Harlow” remodeled a historic space once the private entertainment venue of William Randolph Hurst. Perhaps as much a restoration as a renovation, the Harlow project brought the best of the 1930’s grandeur forward to the modern day.

The award-winning design features some of Villa Lagoon Tile’s most popular designs in several places.  “Salamanca” and “Cubes” can be found in the elegant restrooms, as well as a larger version of Cubes in a conservatory dining annex, that gained a mention in Interior Design’s original project article, “Blond Ambition“.  This installation in particular shows cement tile’s versatility, using solid and two-color tile to provide a larger scale of Cubes design.

Salamanca cement tile in Ladies room of Harlow, NYC.
Salamanca Cement Tile Installation
Cubes cement tile in Men's room of Harlow, NYC.
Cubes Cement Tile Installation
Large-Scale Cubes in Dining Area
Large-Scale Cubes in Dining Area

Large-Scale Cubes cement tile in Harlow, NYC.


While our ever-popular “Cubes” cement tile was used in the stately-men’s room, a different feel was desired for this dining area.  A larger patterned is achieved by the creative arrangement of the simplest tiles in our toolkit: solids, and the two-color diagonal. This layout also shows how easily a designer could use cement tile to create grand, custom chevron patterns.


A 9x6 layout of cement tile, resembling an enlarged Cubes pattern tile.
Large-Scale cubes using Monterey Collection “Diagonal” and single-color tiles.


The writers of Interior Design are not the only ones taking a notice to the renewed luster of this Midtown Manhattan jewel…  Harlow is quickly being recognized as a great experience, and has already been the venue for parties hosted by Madonna, Woody Allen, and others in the New York social scene.

Update April 27, 2016: Unfortunately Harlow has closed. Their original site can still be found in the Internet Archive.

The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long. –Laozi

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A New Revolution in Cement Tile

Roto Tile™ circle and connector tile.

Villa Lagoon Tile is proud to present a new revolution in cement tile.  Roto Tile™ provides a whole new landscape for expression with circular tile.  These 8″ circles are spaced by special connector tiles, and the whole layout simultaneously invokes circles, hexagons, and triangles of varying sizes.

At Villa Lagoon Tile, we believe in giving designers and architects as much choice and freedom as possible. This has been one of the many strengths of cement tile. Our new Roto Tile™ pushes those boundaries just a little bit more.

Sample Layouts

Roto Tile™ are laid with a ratio of one circle tile to two connector tiles. We have created an entire page dedicated to describing the dimensions of these circular tile here: Roto Tile™ Dimensions. You can see more of these example layouts here: Roto Tile™ Example Layouts.

Roto Tile™, all single color.Roto Tile™ example layout.Roto Tile™, alternating rows.Roto Tile™, Random Aqua colors.

These are just a few examples to get you started. With more than 60 colors in our Monterey Palette, the possibilities with single-color tiles are endless.

Custom Colorway Molds

As with other cement tiles, these custom shapes can take colorway molds as well! Colorway molds segment a tile, allowing tile-makers to pour a different color in each segment of the design. We’ve created the mock-up pattern “Ripples” to show the beginning of what can be achieved using a colorway mold in just the connector tile.

Roto Tile "Ripples" pattern.

Roto Tile,


We are happy to add Roto Tile™ to your design arsenal, and look forward to helping you achieve your vision.

We now have sample Roto Tile™ available, as well as Monterey Palette color-chips.  If you think our cement tile is right for your designs, call us at 1-251-968-3375 or email info@villalagoontile.com to discuss your project.


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The Inspiration for Piazza

One of our new Venetian Collection tiles, Piazza, creates a pattern of linked barbed quatrefoils.  The quatrefoil, from the Latin  quattuor and  folium, “four leaves” became a common theme in Christian art, and reached it’s height in Gothic and Renaissance architecture.

A 6x5 layout of
“Piazza”, from the Venetian Collection, In Oxford Gray and White.

This pattern can be found throughout European architecture, including Notre-Dame de Paris, and the great abundance of of this pattern in Venice inspired Lundy to create this Villa Lagoon Tile exclusive cement tile.

Katie, author of the blog Live Originally, found a stunning example on her honeymoon trip through Europe, in one of the courtyards of the Doge’s Palace in Venice.

A stone courtyard at the Doge's Palace in Venice, featuring a barbed quatrefoil pattern.
A stonework quatrefoil in Venice.

You can see Katie’s full post here: “I’m baaaaack!


You can see our in-stock “Piazza” tile here:

“Piazza” Cement Tile

Or see our entire Venetian Collection here:

A stylized image of a Venetian canal scene.
The Floors of Venice


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The Floors of Venice

Love the floors in Venice?
Villa Lagoon Tile recreates the look in cement tile…

A stylized image of the famous Venetian waterways.

Villa Lagoon Tile is pleased to introduce their newest line of encaustic cement tile – The Floors of Venice. Inspired by the incredible marble flooring surfaces in and around Venice, Italy, the tiles reflect the design and style of old Italian marble mosaic floors.

Encaustic cement tile has been making a Renaissance of its own and Villa Lagoon Tile has been happy to be a part of that revival. Owner and designer Lundy Wilder created the Floors of Venice collection after returning from a short holiday trip to Venice. “Seeing those magnificent floors in Venice… everywhere: in the churches, stores, public squares and walkways; it was amazing. I was totally inspired to replicate some of these themes in tile.”

The new tile line with names like St Mark’s, Murano, Savona Venice and Treviso captures the major colors and design concepts of the Venetian floors. “Colors were integral to new tiles,” says Wilder. “The colors used in many homes in the US include beige and tan and the tones of our Venetian tiles are authentic but are also are very compatible with these neutral tones.” The tiles are 20cm x 20cm (8”x8”) and weigh about three pounds each.

Several Tiles in the Floors of Venice Collection

Known for their vibrant colors and intricate designs, the tiles are also known as Cuban tiles, Pasta tiles, Moroccan tiles or Mexican tiles. Designers and architects have found them to be a terrific way to add style and character to open spaces. Villa Lagoon Tile has been installed in numerous large commercial projects that include the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston, the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica, California, the Omni Hotel in Nashville, the Ralph Lauren retail store in Holetown, Barbados, and the Drake Hotel’s new “Drake One Fifty” restaurant in Toronto, Canada.

Murano, with Cut Solid Border (Mohave, Black and Oxford Gray)
Murano, with Cut Solid Border (Mohave, Black and Oxford Gray)

Samples of the the Floors of Venice designs are presently available by contacting Villa Lagoon Tile by email, info@villalagoontile.com or by calling the office 1-251-968-3375.

Saint Mark's Cement Tile
Saint Mark’s
Savona Venice
Italian Trellis
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Tile Climbs to a Higher Resolution

Update: As of October 2015, we have discontinued advertising the ceramic and porcelain tile murals on our website, in order to tighten our focus on cement tile. For purchase inquiries, please contact us, and ask for Dave.

The original, September 2012 post:

Of course Villa Lagoon Tile is home to artist, designer and cement tile expert Lundy Wilder, but we also keep our eye on the future.  While we specialize in making it easy to bring the old-world charm and beauty of hand-made cement tile to your home or business, we love all beautiful tile, whether the techniques are old or new.

We are proud to announce our newest line of tile products: tile murals.  Thanks to advancements in materials and dye sublimation printing, we can produce beautiful and durable tile products with printed images…  painting reproduction, photographs, digital art, you name it!  Break that image across a large grid of tiles, and now you have a beautiful tile mural, limited only by your installation space.  Villa Lagoon Tile partner Dave Perry has made it his mission to study these processes and source the finest in materials and techniques to beautify your projects.

Our catalog of stock images for mural production is now available online, and debuts with more than 8,400 images.  Ranging from classics like Van Gogh’s Starry Nights and Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to modern marvels such as shuttle launches and Times Square, you’ll be amazed at the variety.

Not enough for you?  We can use your own photographs, logos and art for truly custom tile murals!  Spread your company logo across the wall behind the reception desk, put images of your own restaurant’s menu items on an accent wall near the entrance, the possibilities are endless.  For questions, ordering or submitting your own work for custom murals, as always contact Villa Lagoon Tile, and ask for Dave.

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A Wall of Wonderful on DiY and HGTV

For most of this month, with air dates continuing into September, DiY Network and HGTV have been showing the I Hate My Bath episode, “Pot O’ Gold Bathroom” (Season 2, Episode 3).  Contractor and host Jeff Devlin guide homeowners Jeff and Kim through a remarkable bathroom makeover.  Their dated and deteriorating green and gold bathroom is completely re-envisioned with modern appointments and an old-world twist.

One of the more prominent features was the Moroccan-style cement tile used to surround the shower.  Using Villa Lagoon Tile’s “Salamanca” in-stock cement tile.

"Salamanca" Moroccan cement tile on DIY's I Hate My Bath
Homeowner Presented with Moroccan Tile

Jeff helped this couple install a beautiful, luxurious shower featuring high-end fixtures, well-engineered sliding glass doors, and beautiful cement tile.  While using the Salamanca pattern for most of the shower wall, they used the complimentary single-color charcoal cement tile to accent the fixture wall, and finish the left-side knee-high wall.

Happy Homeowners with Moroccan-style cement tile shower walls.
Happy Homeowners with Cement Tile Shower

See more from this installation, then give your own project that old-world elegance with cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile.  Not only could you achieve this look, but you may consider custom orders of Salamanca with different colorways.

In-stock cement tile, Salamanca pattern.
Gris and Charcoal
Custom Salamanca cement tile in blues.
Deep Natural Blues
Custom Salamanca cement tile in earth tones.
Rich Earth Tones








You might also consider our Colonial shaped tile…

Moroccan-inspired Colonial Shaped Cement Tile
Moroccan-style Colonial Tile
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