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"In Box", an "N-Finity" Cement Tile

"In Box" is a geometric cement tile with a 3-D look. When it is laid with all tiles in alignment, it is reminiscent of the patterns in the marble floors of the churches of Venice. When laid in a randome manner, the pattern becomes quite edgy.

Cuban tile bathroom floor photos

We offer some suggested colorways, but of course, as always the color choices are yours.

8" Cement tile, 5/8" thick, matte finish, aprox. 3 lbs. , allow 2.3 tiles per sq ft.
Your choice of colors (same palette as the Monterey Collection). See the Stu Neyland Collection home for the current time to manufacture and ship.

Geometric modern cement tiles    Geometric modern cement tiles randon layout

Geometric modern cement tilesGeometric modern cement tiles

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