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Stu Neyland LogoThe Stu Neyland Series of Exquisite Cement Tiles

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"Jumbelina", an "N-Finity" Cement Tile

Depending on your colors, "Jumbelina" cement tile can give you an almost terrazo look with subtle colors or an energetic explosion with hot colors. You can arrange them in an orderly fashion install them randomly.

8" Cement tile, 5/8" thick, matte finish, aprox. 3 lbs. , allow 2.3 tiles per sq ft.
Your choice of colors (same palette as the Monterey Collection). See the Stu Neyland Collection home for the current time to manufacture and ship.

Jumbelina-tile-patioModern contemporary cement tile

These are some of our color suggestions but of course, we can make them in your choice of colors.

Jumbelina abstract encaustic tile

Contemporary geometric cement tile

Contemporary abstract cement tile pattern

Jumbelina cement tiles in abstract design  Jumbelina cement tile in random abstract pattern

You can align Jumbelina in a random abstract configuration or align the tiles in an orderly manner.

Abstract pattern cement tiles

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