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"Swagger" Cement Tile

How about a check that is not a check? Or a check with a bit of an attitude? Our "Swagger" cement tile, designed by Stu Neyland takes a whole new direction, providing a third dimension and a bit of swagger to the classic check. Your perception of this pattern may shift in your mind, between a wavy metal grate, or keys of a keyboard melting over a wavy surface like the clocks of Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory".

Swagger tile floor room

These are some suggested color combinations but you can use any of our 60 cement tile colors or have a custom color mixed for an extra charge. Swagger could be a 4 or a 3 color tile.

8" Cement tile, 5/8" thick, matte finish, aprox. 3 lbs. , allow 2.3 tiles per sq ft.
Your choice of colors (same palette as the Monterey Collection). See the Stu Neyland Collection home for the current time to manufacture and ship.

Designers: This tile is now in our Tile Design Tool !

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