Herringbone Cement Tile at Chicago’s Franklin Room

The Franklin Room Chicago Entrance


The Franklin Room continues the trend of bringing back Chicago’s history of neighborhood taverns, but with a classy, upscale, decor which includes a entire floor of Villa Lagoon Tile.

This lively lunch and dinner spot sports expensive bourbons in cages and an emphasis on great “pub grub” and serving liquor neat.




Ladies and Gentlemen  are  welcome…so says the sign at Chicago’s new pub/ tavern/bar/restaurant The Franklin Room.  The Franklin Room is a proper city tavern and urban speakeasy located in the popular River North neighborhood. Described by Google as “Creative, wide-ranging American menu & brown booze, sake & tons of beers in a subterranean space” and we would add “sporting a handsome hand crafted herringbone tile floor from Villa Lagoon Tile”. Close up of Villa Lagoon Tile Herringbone cement tile
In areas around the entrance and the bar a coordinating checkerboard pattern is made from two shades of VLT’s solid color cement tiles.


With such a wide expanse of richly colored and patterned cement tiles it is easy to see how custom cement tiles can really contribute to creating a special atmosphere in a restaurant or bar.


Puerto Rican Cement Tile

Cement tile has a rich and deep history in Puerto Rico. We have supplied our colorful cement tiles for residences and restaurants in Puerto Rico. We can also recreate antique Puerto Rican cement tile patterns and deliver to the door in PR.  Just send us a photo or browse our existing tile patterns and request a quote.

Traditional floor designs made of cement tiles, “Losa criolla” (creole tile) or “losa isleño” (island tile), as they are called in Puerto Rico, are frequently laid out like a carpet or rug with a coordinating border just as a “Oriental”  rug might.puerto-rican-cement-tile

The technique for making decorative cement tiles was perfected in Europe about 50 years prior and quickly spread to Spanish colonies in the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

A mold, cement, color pigments and water are used to produce tiles by compression in a hydraulic press. As we are always telling our callers, the tiles are not fired or glazed like ceramic tile. They are water and air cured.

Many of the cement tiles now used in Puerto Rico come from Villa Lagoon Tile.  We can arrange shipment of stock tile using several freight lines who have regular service in Puerto Rico. For larger orders, we can deliver a container directly from factory to the island’s ports.

In Isabel II, Vieques take a look at the antique tile floors at the restaurant Conuco.Antique cement tiles at Conuco Restaurant

Villa Lagoon Tile can recreate antique Puerto Rican cement tiles and deliver to your door. Just send us a photo or browse our existing tile patterns and request a quote. We have supplied our colorful cement tiles for residences and restaurants in Puerto Rica.

Cement tile at Pirilo Pizza  pirilo-restaurant-1-VLT pirilo-restaurant-2-VLT

Designer Sophie Aurelie loves Villa Lagoon Tile’s encaustic cement tile (mosaicos hidraulicos) and uses them frequently in her restaurant plans.

Click & Buy this book for the pleasure of seeing hundreds of cement tile patterns from Puerto Rico.

Hernan Moran, author of Puerto Rico Tile Designs, states that cement or hydraulic tiles were first introduced to Puerto Rico around 1900. They were imported by ship from Barcelona, Spain.  The Puerto Ricans found the beautiful and practical  cement tiles to be cooler and cleaner than the old colonial floors made of stone, coral, bricks or wood. In Puerto Rica large numbers of homes and businesses built in the early part of the 20th century used cement tiles, not only for their durability but also for their cheerful designs and colors.

In the early 1060’s the popularity of hydraulic tiles in Puerto Rico started to drop as new flooring materials were introduced and poured terrazzo became vogue. In those days  some of the cement tile manufacturers in Puerto Rico switched to producing “losetas del pais” (terrazzo tiles) and concrete blocks.Many of the tiles in the public and historic buildings are native Puerto Rican designs.

By the 1920’s, there were at least five local companies that were manufacturing these native cement tiles in PR.  We read that Parador Villa Parguera in La Parguera, Lajas, on the southwest coast was a school before it  was a small hotel. The school received donations of leftover tiles from the tile makers, so there is an assortment of over 50 designs in their floors. See here, here, here and here

Today the antique tiles have come to be appreciated again and there is a resurgence of interest.

An example of new cement tile  are the floors through out the new El Blok hotel in Esperanza.


Boka Restaurant Chicago–Revamped with Cement Tile

Recently renovated BOKA Restaurant has reopened to an avalanche of praise, including “Restaurant of the Year“, and “Chef of the Year” for new partner and executive chef Lee Wolen. While we read that the food is divine, critics also rave about the new decor, which features fabulous Ikat pattern cement tiles from Villa Lagoon Tile.

Boka Restaurant Chicago, featuring Ikat cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile

Boka closed for months to undergo a stunning remodel and menu revamp under new partner and executive chef Lee Wolen. Under Wolen’s expert care, Boka managed to maintain its Michelin star rating. This new remodel features dark woods, black leather, a living wall, and antique artwork and of course our Ikat pattern cement tiles in all four patterns.

Boka Restaurant Chicago, featuring Ikat cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile

In 10 years, Kevin Boehm and Rob Katz, of Boka Restaurant Group, have gone from being fledgling restaurateurs to being the Chicago restaurateurs everyone wants to work for. The Boka name is derived from the first letters of the restaurateurs’ last names.

The entrance area (below) is covered in our Ikat “D” .

Boka Restaurant Chicago, featuring Ikat cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile

The far wall that looks a bit like bricks is really covered in old door hardware. Look closely.
Boka Restaurant Chicago, wall.

 The whole space has a “cool” vibe befitting its “be-seen” crowd


They … transformed Boka’s forgettable decor into a dark and bustling adult playground

Chicago Magazine

The new look exudes class with a bit of romance and occasional quirk

Michelin Guide

“Restaurant of the Year” from Jean Banchet Awards for Culinary Excellence (2014)

“Chef of the Year” from Eater (2014), the Jean Banchet Awards (2014), and the Chicago Tribune (2015).

Big Joy in Tiny Tiles

Villa Lagoon Tile’s patterns adorn some of the most charming miniature rooms.  Sylvia de Groot, a highly skilled Dutch artist of charming scale model rooms and chateaux uses our Villa Lagoon Tiles Coastal Collection in many of her projects..

Her Chambre de Séraphine has a balcony and bathroom floor of our Trapani “Midnight”. This tile is a Villa Lagoon Tile exclusive and was originally designed by Lundy Wilder for a master bedroom floor.

Villa Lagoon Tile's "Trapani Midnight", reproduced in miniature.

Villa Lagoon Tile's "Trapani Midnight", reproduced in miniature.


The potting bench on the balcony has a bit of spilled dirt but this bathroom does look like it needs a good scrubbing !

Villa Lagoon Tile's "Trapani Midnight", reproduced in miniature.Another room has tiny tiles of our exclusive Italian Trellis pattern in Taupe and a border tile of Shell Trellis

Villa Lagoon Tile's "Trapani" in "Azul Frost", reproduced in miniature.

Another project, a little Greek house has our Trapani tile in the “Azul Frost”.

 A miniature home, with reproduced Villa Lagoon Tile.

Villa Lagoon Tile's "Trapani" in Azul Frost, reproduced in miniature.


Villa Lagoon Tile's "Trapani", reproduced in miniature.


Back in 2011 ago Kathi Laugherty let us know that she was using our tile in one of her scale model projects.

She cut each VLT exclusive Savona “Beachtile individually and wrote about it on her blog post.

Villa Lagoon Tile's "Savona Beach", reproduced in miniature.


Her mini beach house kitchen looks wonderfully cozy and whimsical. Villa Lagoon Tile's "Savona Beach", reproduced in miniature.

Villa Lagoon Tile's "Savona Beach", reproduced in miniature.

We are delighted that miniaturists like our tile for their projects. If you know of others, please drop us an email.

Florentine Shaped Cement Tile

The romance of Italy is captured in our new shaped tile.
The color options are unlimited and cement tile has never looked better !

Villa Lagoon Tile’s “Florentine” shaped tile comes in two parts. The larger piece is about 11 inches at the widest point and the smaller piece is 8 inches across. This tile can come in any thickness. The usual for interiors is 16mm (5/8″) but when thinner or thicker is needed, we can do it.

Florentine shaped cement tile dimensions from Villa Lagoon Tile


Our Florentine shaped tile has a slight Fleur-de-Lis relief pattern on each tile which improves traction.

We are stocking it in Black and Featherstone Gray but imagine the possibilities of color combinations.

Colorful Florentine Shaped cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile


A few of the several colors available for Florentine shaped cement tile, from Villa Lagoon Tile


Our Stock Tile is ready to ship. We started with a Black & Gray combination because it fits so many needs. This would be a stunning wine cellar floor or the foyer in a Hollywood Hills Spanish revival home.

Photo-scans of Florentine shaped cement tiles, in Black and Featherstone, from Villa Lagoon Tile



Florentine shaped cement tile, from Villa Lagoon Tile


Just imagine a courtyard or restaurant paved in this stunning tile.

Florentine shaped cement tile, from Villa Lagoon Tile


Call today to tell us what creative color combinations you want to order as samples using
our South Beach cement tile colors. 


Intelligentsia Design With Cement Tile

Intelligentsia_logoChicago’s Logan Square is now home to one of Intelligentsia Coffee’s coffee bars. A low bar with stools sits in the middle of the shop surrounded by Villa Lagoon Tile’s “Nuevo Castillo” cement tile. It has sparse white, angular booths in front of the windows.

They did something very unusual with this tile installation !!

The traditional method of installation is to rotate each tile 90 degrees as it is set, this forms an interlocking pattern of a repeat design. In this instance, the designers chose to just have the tile laid randomly.

Standard versus Random Layout:

Nuevo Castillo cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile

Nuevo Castillo cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile


The effect is a fresh look at Nuevo Castillo cement tile.





The back wall is covered with a stylized map of the surrounding Chicago neighborhood. The mural’s graphics echo the gray-on-gray pattern of the randomly-laid Nuevo Castillo pattern cement tile. We love what designers and architects can do with their creativity and our patterns.  

See photos of the traditional layout of this tile here. 

White Bathrooms with Beautiful Floors

A white bathroom, accented by "Ambrose" blue-and-white cement tile by Villa Lagoon Tile.

While we are lovers of vivid colored walls, not everyone is, especially in the USA. But a white bathroom need not be boring if the floor is singing a happy tune. The pattern above is one we call “Ambrose” and our client ordered it in a crisp blue and white.

Below is a custom tile called Italian Trellis “Azul” from our Coastal Collection. You can click for a larger image to see the details of the seashells and coral. The soft blues and white walls give the effect of shimmering water on a bright day.

Villa Lagoon Tile's original "Venetian Azul" cement tile brings a white bathroom to life.

Villa Lagoon Tile's exclusive "Surf Agua" cement tile, paired with subway tiles in a white bathroom.

One of our classic favorites above, Surf “Agua”  with white subway tile walls in this bathroom. A great pattern with movement…jazzy and fun. Click to see the full size image.

A beautiful bathroom renovation with cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile.

A client with a home in the Bahamas chose 2 tiles for the bathrooms. (Note: construction photo) This one has a round shower area shown below.  If you think there is a trend of blue cement tile bathroom floors, you are right. This pattern is called “Liz” and it is made with two shades of blue plus white.

A beautiful transition from Villa Lagoon Tile's cement tile to a shower floor in the Bahamas.

A custom cement tile floor, from Villa Lagoon Tile, in a Bahamian white bathroom.

Our delightful client, jewelry designer Trish Becker, used a 2 color Aqua and Blanc pattern tile of interlocking rings in one of her homes in the Bahamas. Trish is ‘hooked’ on cement tile and knows how much character it adds to any room it is installed in. She has a couple of vacation homes and she knows that when people rent a cottage for a beach vacation they appreciate decor which makes the stay really special.

Custom cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile, paired with a clawfoot tub for a beautiful bathroom.

Still a bit of blue in this delightful floral cement tile but also the warm golds above and below.


The owner added bright blue glass drawer knobs which was such a great idea.

Beautiful blue and gray cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile accents this white bathroom.

In the above photo the cement tile bathroom floor appears a bit blue in this photo but it may have been a shade of gray with the white. On the upper right you can catch a glimpse of the rug effect repeated around the toilet in an alcove. Using cement tile to create rug or bordered carpet effect is an old tradition.


Yet another all white bathroom (above) , this time with a Cuban Heritage Tile floor, CH-260-2B.

La Espanola cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile, with a clawfoot tub, in a white bathroom.

This last photo is our popular LaEspanola cement tile in an otherwise white bathroom. Even though this is a photo taken during construction, the combination of a clawfoot tub and our cement tile with classic Spanish scroll-work looks like it could be a bathroom in Barcelona as easily as in Florida.

A lively cement tile floor to accent your all-white bathroom can “bring it up a notch” on the cool scale. Click here to see this tile in an all white kitchen. 

Colors Dance at Gypsy Kitchen – Atlanta Buckhead

Villa Lagoon Tile takes the lead in the interplay of color at one of north Atlanta’s newest trendy eating establishments.  The architects and designers used our custom encaustic cement tile in vibrant colors to create pretty entrance and a playful mood inside.

Gypsy Kitchen in Atlanta, with cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile

No one can miss the massive steel bull dashing through the field of the bar’s supplies.Gypsy Kitchen in Atlanta, with cement tile on the bar, from Villa Lagoon Tile

The face of the Gypsy Kitchen bar is one of our custom Moroccan tiles. Morocco is just a stone’s throw from Spain and both countries have extensive Moorish architecture and tiles like this classic pattern. Gypsy Kitchen in Atlanta, with cement tile wainscotting from Villa Lagoon Tile

Dishes like this octopus reflect Gypsy Kitchen’s Mediterranean theme.

An octopus dish from Gypsy Kitchen, Atlanta, with a background of "Circulos" cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile

Gypsy Kitchen in Atlanta, with "Circulos" cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile

One of the eight patterns used in Gypsy Kitchen is our popular Circulos pattern. Gypsy Kitchen, Atlanta, with accents of cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile.

The area around the open kitchen has wall panels of an intricate polychrome tile in deep rich tones. This particular pattern can take on so many different looks depending on color placement. The freedom that one has with cement tiles is a huge part of the great appeal with architects and designers.An accent wall in Gypsy Kitchen, Atlanta, featuring "Vienna" cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile.

Gypsy-T9Gypsy-T11Gypsy-T13T-8 revised tile

Stunning Cement Tile in Tone-on-Tone Gray

“Nuevo Castillo” encaustic cement tile lives up to its name turning homes into personal castles. It certainly adds elegance to living spaces throughout North America and UK. This tone-on-tone colorway is one of our best-selling and most-imitated products.

Last week we received photos of a new elegant bathroom from one of our happy clients in Atlanta. The soft two-tone gray cement tile adds depth, without overwhelming the beautifully simple white and wood decor.

Nuevo Castillo encaustic cement tile Atlanta bathroom installation. By Villa Lagoon Tile.

This lovely bathroom with lots of natural light would be a delight every morning to help me face my day !

Nuevo Castillo encaustic cement tile Atlanta bathroom installation. By Villa Lagoon Tile.

Nuevo Castillo encaustic cement tile Atlanta bathroom installation. By Villa Lagoon Tile.


In the next Villa Lagoon Tile installation (below), one of our Hong Kong clients used Nuevo Castillo cement tile in her kitchen and was kind enough to send photos.

Nuevo Castillo encaustic cement tile Hong Kong kitchen installation. By Villa Lagoon Tile.

Peterssen / Keller Architecture – Minneapolis used our Nuevo Castillo stock cement tile in a sun-room (below) which proved to be a hit with everyone who saw it in the newspaper “Living” section and online.

Nuevo Castillo encaustic cement tile sunroom installation. By Villa Lagoon Tile.

California client took the Nuevo Castillo one step further, adding depth with a custom cement tile production using 5 shades of gray !! This tile, with matching borders produced a striking foyer (below).

Nuevo Castillo encaustic cement tile foyer installation. By Villa Lagoon Tile.

Nuevo Castillo encaustic cement tile foyer installation. By Villa Lagoon Tile.


“Nuevo Castillo” encaustic cement, in-stock USA.

“Nuevo Castillo” encaustic cement tile, in-stock UK & Europe.

Black and White and Cool All Over

Maybe it stems from newspapers which are often read in both rooms, or maybe it comes from historical roots, or maybe it is so all colors of accessories look bright and cheerful; but no matter the reason, black, white and sometimes with shades of gray is a popular combination for cement tile floors in kitchens and baths. A popular choice is our Cubes pattern because it is both age-old classic and edgy modern… crisp and clean.
Cubes cement tile floor in a modern contemporary  kitchen in New YorkCubes encaustic tile in a modern NYC kitchen



Villa Lagoon Tile Cubes cement tile in a bathroomnandos-peri-peri-cement-tile-VLT

Black and white stripe tile in a restaurant bathroom in the Washington DC area above

phillip-sides-ikat-tile-backsplash-VLTPhillip Sides used our black and white Ikat tile (above) for this kitchen backsplash.

stanley-matz-kitchen-VLTLandscape designer Stany Matz chose a black and white striped tile which forms a alternate reverse square-in-square pattern for his Miami, Florida kitchen.



This photo and the one below show our Large Cubes pattern tile in a Brooklyn, NY townhouse renovation. tamara-big-harlequin-bathroom-VLT