Cement Tile is a Recipe for the Ultimate Kitchen


Cover of "Country Living" Magazine, May 2014.
May 2014

Villa Lagoon Tile made the cover of the Hearst publication, “Country Living Magazine”. The feature article, “A Recipe for the Ultimate Kitchen” covered a beautiful kitchen remodel with cement tile in Rockland County, New York.

Homeowner Aliyyah Baylor knows her kitchens.  She and her family own a successful Harlem bakery business. Make My Cake has been featured in the New York Times as one of the best places to get Red Velvet Cake, and they won on the Food Network show “Throwdown With Bobby Flay” with their German Chocolate Cake.


"This floor is the highlight of my day," she says. (From a photo of Country Living Magazine, May 2014).

Baylor was a joy to work with. She selected the cement tile floors first, and let them dictate the rest of the decor. She also used one of our favorite designers, Rebekah Zaveloff. You may recall Zaveloff of Chicago-based KitchenLabs from a previous post. Her design used our cement tile in an episode of Kitchen Crashers on the DIY Network.

This floor features a historic Cuban cement tile pattern we once marketed as “CH-120-2B” of the Cuban Heritage Collection. A tile so pretty deserves a name, so we call it “Carmen”, available from our South Beach Collection.  Customize with your choice of colors in our Tile Design Tool.

Composite of the Country Living cover and article.

The full article can be found in the May 2014 edition of Country Living, or read their web version here: Aliyyah Baylor Kitchen Decorating.

Villa Lagoon Tile Awarded “Best of 2014”

Best of Houzz 2014, Customer SatisfactionVilla Lagoon Tile has been awarded “Best of 2014” by Houzz for Customer Satisfaction. Houzz is a large social website focused on residential architecture and interior design, with more than 16 million monthly visitors. “Best of Houzz” is awarded based on the quality and quantity of positive client reviews.

I love this tile!” says designer Taylor Borsari, owner of Taylor Borsari, Inc.,  “They have been a “go-to” for me for years!

In another 5-star review, Los Angeles designer Megan Taylor writes, “Hub of the House LOVES Villa Lagoon Tile! Not only are we obsessed with their huge array of fully custom cement tiles, their perfect customer service gives us every confidence in the world.

To read more of our 5-star reviews on Houzz, or to write about your own experiences, visit our profile here. You can also download the PDF press release here.

Update January 1, 2017:

We continue to gain accolades from the users of Houzz year after year.

Best of Houzz service award badges for 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

“Best of 2013” Design Award, a Cement Tile Win.

Interior Design magazine has chosen the “Best of the Year” for 2013, and we’d like to congratulate our client, Meyer Davis Studio for winning “Best of the Year 2013: Fine Dining“. Their project “Harlow” remodeled a historic space once the private entertainment venue of William Randolph Hurst. Perhaps as much a restoration as a renovation, the Harlow project brought the best of the 1930’s grandeur forward to the modern day.

The award-winning design features some of Villa Lagoon Tile’s most popular designs in several places.  “Lantern Trellis” and “Cubes” can be found in the elegant restrooms, as well as a larger version of Cubes in a conservatory dining annex, that gained a mention in Interior Design’s original project article, “Blond Ambition“.  This installation in particular shows cement tile’s versatility, using solid and two-color tile to provide a larger scale of Cubes design.

Salamanca cement tile in Ladies room of Harlow, NYC.
Lantern Trellis Cement Tile Installation
Cubes cement tile in Men's room of Harlow, NYC.
Cubes Cement Tile Installation
Large-Scale Cubes in Dining Area
Large-Scale Cubes in Dining Area

Large-Scale Cubes cement tile in Harlow, NYC.

While our ever-popular “Cubes” cement tile was used in the stately-men’s room, a different feel was desired for this dining area.  A larger patterned is achieved by the creative arrangement of the simplest tiles in our toolkit: solids, and the two-color diagonal. This layout also shows how easily a designer could use cement tile to create grand, custom chevron patterns.

A 9x6 layout of cement tile, resembling an enlarged Cubes pattern tile.
Large-Scale cubes using Monterey Collection “Diagonal” and single-color tiles.

The writers of Interior Design are not the only ones taking a notice to the renewed luster of this Midtown Manhattan jewel…  Harlow is quickly being recognized as a great experience, and has already been the venue for parties hosted by Madonna, Woody Allen, and others in the New York social scene.

Update April 27, 2016: Unfortunately Harlow has closed. Their original site can still be found in the Internet Archive.

The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long. –Laozi

A New Revolution in Cement Tile

Roto Tile™ circle and connector tile.

Villa Lagoon Tile is proud to present a new revolution in cement tile.  Roto Tile™ provides a whole new landscape for expression with circular tile.  These 8″ circles are spaced by special connector tiles, and the whole layout simultaneously invokes circles, hexagons, and triangles of varying sizes.

At Villa Lagoon Tile, we believe in giving designers and architects as much choice and freedom as possible. This has been one of the many strengths of cement tile. Our new Roto Tile™ pushes those boundaries just a little bit more.

Sample Layouts

Roto Tile™ are laid with a ratio of one circle tile to two connector tiles. We have created an entire page dedicated to describing the dimensions of these circular tile here: Roto Tile™ Dimensions. You can see more of these example layouts here: Roto Tile™ Example Layouts.

Roto Tile™, all single color.Roto Tile™ example layout.Roto Tile™, alternating rows.Roto Tile™, Random Aqua colors.

These are just a few examples to get you started. With more than 60 colors in our Monterey Palette, the possibilities with single-color tiles are endless.

Custom Colorway Molds

As with other cement tiles, these custom shapes can take colorway molds as well! Colorway molds segment a tile, allowing tile-makers to pour a different color in each segment of the design. We’ve created the mock-up pattern “Ripples” to show the beginning of what can be achieved using a colorway mold in just the connector tile.

Roto Tile "Ripples" pattern.

Roto Tile,


We are happy to add Roto Tile™ to your design arsenal, and look forward to helping you achieve your vision.

We now have sample Roto Tile™ available, as well as Monterey Palette color-chips.  If you think our cement tile is right for your designs, call us at 1-251-968-3375 or email info@villalagoontile.com to discuss your project.


Villa Lagoon Tile featured on HomeCentrl

Villa Lagoon Tile has been featured on HomeCentrl, “Your place for everything home” which features the latest trends in construction, design, and decor. Lundy Wilder was interviewed by the author Todd Vendituoli, veteran builder, designer and blogger for his July 9th post.

Todd and Lundy covered the basics of encaustic cement tile manufacturing, and some of design and project considerations that go into purchasing custom tile flooring. Todd also mentions the durability and lasting beauty of the local “Nassau Tile”, the Bahamian term for cement tile. Cement tile has long been popular throughout the Caribbean, and the islands provide some of the better tour-grounds in the world for seekers of antique and modern cement tile installations. We show some of these installations on our Caribbean installations page.

Todd’s post can be found here, on HomeCentrl: “Villa Lagoon Tile – Encaustic Cement Tile”.

If you’ve been inspired, browse our In-Stock tile for what’s currently popular and available, or try out our tile design tool for custom colors.

Heavenly Tile in Hell’s Bottom

The Beltway is buzzing with THE new place for men’s grooming on the east coast: The Barber of Hell’s Bottom.

Main floor of The Barber of Hell's Bottom, featuring Roseton tile from Villa Lagoon Tile

A veteran stylist of New York runway and print models, Kelly Gorsuch took Washington, D.C. by storm with his Logan Circle salon, Immortal Beloved. In a few short years it has become a hub of the metro area’s chic and elite, with Immortal Beloved stylists even being tapped for First Family duty. Not only has Immortal Beloved become known for its styling, but for its unique decor. All of the furniture was designed and built by Kelly himself, along with his close friend and business partner Caleb Woodard (of Caleb Woodard Furniture).

Washington DC's hot new barber shop, with cement tile from  Villa Lagoon Tile

Can Kelly catch lightning in a bottle again? It sure seems so. Washington is abuzz again over The Barber of Hell’s Bottom. Once again featuring Kelly’s unique vision, and master craftsmanship from Caleb Woodard Furniture, this new barber shop features raw, white-washed brick walls, and beautiful cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile. Our Roseton tile in custom colors was used to add a hint of flourish to Kelly and Caleb’s remarkable work. This shop has a sophisticated, but raw masculinity, that is sure to make any patron comfortable, while his locks float down to our flooring.

Villa Lagoon Tile, soon to hold hair of the Beltway's elite.

Part of the buzz over Gorush’s new venture has to do with the name. While Shaw may have a median home price north of half-a-million dollars today, it was once “Hell’s Bottom”, one of the District’s most violent neighborhoods. That cool bit of trivia doesn’t stop everyone from noticing the tile, though… nor the barber’s chair from the New York area’s Vernon Hills Country Club, famed to have held several members of the Rat Pack, in its day (not at the same time, of course).

Hell's Bottom... DC's trendy new barbershop, with cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile

The Barber of Hell’s Bottom has been featured now in the style section of UrbanDaddy.com, given a favorable first look by UrbanTurf.com, and has even been named one of the six “things to do” for last weekend (April 5, 2013), by Men’s Journal ! Way to go Kelly ! We hope you the best success, and a long happiness with our tile.

The place to get a trim before visiting the White House, also a place to see Villa Lagoon Tile.

Roseton with matching border tiles.
Roseton with matching border tiles.


April 8, 2013.


Seductive Cement Setting brings Success!

We’d like to give kudos to our friends at Maneli Wilson Interiors for rave reviews of their recent work, featuring our cement tile pattern, Cubes. Sotto 13 opened in November as a runaway hit in New York’s West Village. This new darling destination of the local critics features Italian tapas, brick-oven pizzas, and cocktails by acclaimed mixologist Frankie Oley, but few can help but comment on the amazing decor.

"Cubes" cement tile as a wall covering in the dining room of Sotto 13, in New York.

Our Cubes pattern was used on the wall surrounding the kitchen’s window… a focal point for the flow of food through the restaurant. We also couldn’t help but spot an ingenious use for some of the left-over tiles: they are framed within the side of the hostess stand. On your next project you may consider ordering a little extra… finishing touches like these can really help tie a theme together.


Cement Tile brilliantly built into furniture; framed in the sidewall of the Hostess Stand


In-Stock "Cubes" Tile
In-Stock “Cubes” Tile

Among the mountains of praise, Jones Magazine proclaims that Sotto 13 “offers rustic decor with a modern twist and perfect ambiance.” CBS New York touts Sotto 13 as “perfect for a West Village date night,” and NewForkCity says “it’s the decor that brings you in”, but the food that brings you back. What more can a restaurateur want from their decor than to provide the perfect, inviting setting to showcase their craft? Perhaps a mention by one of the largest travel magazines in the country?

Not only has Sotto 13 earned a mention by Travel + Leisure Magazine, their grand entrance to the scene has placed them among “America’s Most Romantic Restaurants”. Writing for www.travelandleisure.com, Brendan Spiegel cites Sotto 13’s “alluring space” among the attributes that landed it so high on the list.

No matter what your project, we’re sure our Villa Lagoon Tile, hand-made cement tile can provide a warmth and sophistication that can perfectly accent any vision.

Take a look at just a few other restaurant installations:

Cement Tile in Restaurants

February 12, 2013.


Cement Tile Finding New Popularity

Gisela Williams of the Financial Times recently published a story in the House & Home section titled, “Tile style: down with beige”.

"Havana Cantina" tile in a UK Pub
“Havana Cantina” tile installation in a trendy UK pub.

Handmade cement or ceramic tiles, inspired by those first produced in Portugal, Spain and France, have been lining the most unexpected surfaces lately. From bedroom walls at the new Soho Beach House in Miami to the dining room floor of interior designer Ashley Hicks’s country house in Oxfordshire, tiles are making a comeback.

This great article continues to discuss the history of cement tile, and its modern resurgence in popularity.   They even highlight some of Villa Lagoon Tile’s  Jeff Shelton Collection tiles.  Read the article here!

Faith in Mankind

Last week I was flying back from Knoxville. While chatting with my seat mate he mentioned that he traveled in his work. I asked him if he ever went thru John Wayne Airport in Santa Monica, CA. I told him that we had some tile in a nice restaurant there that I would LOVE to get some photos of. Because of airport security, only people with a boarding pass can get behind security to take photos in airport terminals. Plus Santa Monica is a l-o-n-g way from Alabama and I don’t know anyone there. Name of restaurant is Javi’s…a spin-off from a popular group of restaurants in CA called Javier’s.

Low and behold, a fellow in a seat in front of us turned around and told me that he had never been thru John Wayne Airport but was going there the next week and would be happy to take some photos for us. Amazing !! His name is Adam Rankin and we are so grateful for the photos he sent us last night. “Will miracles never cease!” …have no idea where this saying came from, maybe it is Biblical. You hear it in the South. Thanks Adam !!!

The tile here is a custom color combo designed by Yoshiko Tojo
FLEX DESIGNS, INC. Los Angeles, CA 90014

They used a wider grout line than is the usual, but it doesn’t interfere with this bold design. Javi’s is located between Gates 13 & 14 in the Delta Terminal at John Wayne Airport, Santa Monica, CA.