Intelligentsia_logoChicago’s Logan Square is now home to one of Intelligentsia Coffee’s coffee bars. A low bar with stools sits in the middle of the shop surrounded by Villa Lagoon Tile’s “Nuevo Castillo” cement tile. It has sparse white, angular booths in front of the windows.

They did something very unusual with this tile installation !!

The traditional method of installation is to rotate each tile 90 degrees as it is set, this forms an interlocking pattern of a repeat design. In this instance, the designers chose to just have the tile laid randomly.

Standard versus Random Layout:

Nuevo Castillo cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile

Nuevo Castillo cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile


The effect is a fresh look at Nuevo Castillo cement tile.





The back wall is covered with a stylized map of the surrounding Chicago neighborhood. The mural’s graphics echo the gray-on-gray pattern of the randomly-laid Nuevo Castillo pattern cement tile. We love what designers and architects can do with their creativity and our patterns.  

See photos of the traditional layout of this tile here. 

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Red O Restaurant LogoCement tile floor, from Villa Lagoon Tile, at Red O's new Newport Beach, CA location.

Rick Bayless, the celebrity chef and host of the emmy-nominated show “Mexico: One Plate At A Time” on PBS, has developed the menu at Red O Restaurant (think red onion) at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA. This is Red O’s second location, the first being in Los Angeles. Another location in St. Monica will be opening soon. Red O restaurant features a dramatic interior paired with high-end Mexican food. Designer Martin Lawrence Bullard chose Villa Lagoon Tile’s “Castle” pattern cement tile for much of the floor. The tile was made in Mexico so it was a fitting combination. Rumor has it that the food is really special and we wished we lived closer !

Red O Restaurant's dining room floor, with cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile.

Restaurant booth, with a cement tile floor from Villa Lagoon Tile.Castle











People often ask us if our tile is suitable for commercial spaces. Cement tile is WONDERFUL in commercial spaces as it often brings ‘heart & soul” to an interior, and with proper sealants, the constant foot traffic should be no problem.

Red O Restaurant's dining room floor, with cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile.


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A white bathroom, accented by "Ambrose" blue-and-white cement tile by Villa Lagoon Tile.

While we are lovers of vivid colored walls, not everyone is, especially in the USA. But a white bathroom need not be boring if the floor is singing a happy tune. The pattern above is one we call “Ambrose” and our client ordered it in a crisp blue and white.

Below is a custom tile called Venetian “Azul” from our Coastal Collection. You can click for a larger image to see the details of the seashells and coral. The soft blues and white walls give the effect of shimmering water on a bright day.

Villa Lagoon Tile's original "Venetian Azul" cement tile brings a white bathroom to life.


Villa Lagoon Tile's exclusive "Surf Agua" cement tile, paired with subway tiles in a white bathroom.

One of our classic favorites above, Surf “Agua”  with white subway tile walls in this bathroom. A great pattern with movement…jazzy and fun. Click to see the full size image.

A beautiful bathroom renovation with cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile.

A client with a home in the Bahamas chose 2 tiles for the bathrooms. (Note: construction photo) This one has a round shower area shown below.  If you think there is a trend of blue cement tile bathroom floors, you are right. This pattern is called “Liz” and it is made with two shades of blue plus white.

A beautiful transition from Villa Lagoon Tile's cement tile to a shower floor in the Bahamas.

A custom cement tile floor, from Villa Lagoon Tile, in a Bahamian white bathroom.

Our delightful client, jewelry designer Trish Becker, used a 2 color Aqua and Blanc pattern tile of interlocking rings in one of her homes in the Bahamas. Trish is ‘hooked’ on cement tile and knows how much character it adds to any room it is installed in. She has a couple of vacation homes and she knows that when people rent a cottage for a beach vacation they appreciate decor which makes the stay really special.

Custom cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile, paired with a clawfoot tub for a beautiful bathroom.

Still a bit of blue in this delightful floral cement tile but also the warm golds above and below.


The owner added bright blue glass drawer knobs which was such a great idea.

Beautiful blue and gray cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile accents this white bathroom.

In the above photo the cement tile bathroom floor appears a bit blue in this photo but it may have been a shade of gray with the white. On the upper right you can catch a glimpse of the rug effect repeated around the toilet in an alcove. Using cement tile to create rug or bordered carpet effect is an old tradition.


Yet another all white bathroom (above) , this time with a Cuban Heritage Tile floor, CH-260-2B.

La Espanola cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile, with a clawfoot tub, in a white bathroom.

This last photo is our popular LaEspanola cement tile in an otherwise white bathroom. Even though this is a photo taken during construction, the combination of a clawfoot tub and our cement tile with classic Spanish scroll-work looks like it could be a bathroom in Barcelona as easily as in Florida.

A lively cement tile floor to accent your all-white bathroom can “bring it up a notch” on the cool scale. Click here to see this tile in an all white kitchen. 

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Villa Lagoon Tile takes the lead in the interplay of color at one of north Atlanta’s newest trendy eating establishments.  The architects and designers used our custom encaustic cement tile in vibrant colors to create pretty entrance and a playful mood inside.

Gypsy Kitchen in Atlanta, with cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile

No one can miss the massive steel bull dashing through the field of the bar’s supplies.Gypsy Kitchen in Atlanta, with cement tile on the bar, from Villa Lagoon Tile

The face of the Gypsy Kitchen bar is one of our custom Moroccan tiles. Morocco is just a stone’s throw from Spain and both countries have extensive Moorish architecture and tiles like this classic pattern. Gypsy Kitchen in Atlanta, with cement tile wainscotting from Villa Lagoon Tile

Dishes like this octopus reflect Gypsy Kitchen’s Mediterranean theme.

An octopus dish from Gypsy Kitchen, Atlanta, with a background of "Circulos" cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile

Gypsy Kitchen in Atlanta, with "Circulos" cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile

One of the eight patterns used in Gypsy Kitchen is our popular Circulos pattern. Gypsy Kitchen, Atlanta, with accents of cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile.

The area around the open kitchen has wall panels of an intricate polychrome tile in deep rich tones. This particular pattern can take on so many different looks depending on color placement. The freedom that one has with cement tiles is a huge part of the great appeal with architects and designers.An accent wall in Gypsy Kitchen, Atlanta, featuring "Vienna" cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile.

Gypsy-T9Gypsy-T11Gypsy-T13T-8 revised tile

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“Nuevo Castillo” encaustic cement tile lives up to its name turning homes into personal castles. It certainly adds elegance to living spaces throughout North America and UK. This tone-on-tone colorway is one of our best-selling and most-imitated products.

Last week we received photos of a new elegant bathroom from one of our happy clients in Atlanta. The soft two-tone gray cement tile adds depth, without overwhelming the beautifully simple white and wood decor.

Nuevo Castillo encaustic cement tile Atlanta bathroom installation. By Villa Lagoon Tile.

This lovely bathroom with lots of natural light would be a delight every morning to help me face my day !

Nuevo Castillo encaustic cement tile Atlanta bathroom installation. By Villa Lagoon Tile.

Nuevo Castillo encaustic cement tile Atlanta bathroom installation. By Villa Lagoon Tile.


In the next Villa Lagoon Tile installation (below), one of our Hong Kong clients used Nuevo Castillo cement tile in her kitchen and was kind enough to send photos.

Nuevo Castillo encaustic cement tile Hong Kong kitchen installation. By Villa Lagoon Tile.

Peterssen / Keller Architecture – Minneapolis used our Nuevo Castillo stock cement tile in a sun-room (below) which proved to be a hit with everyone who saw it in the newspaper “Living” section and online.

Nuevo Castillo encaustic cement tile sunroom installation. By Villa Lagoon Tile.

California client took the Nuevo Castillo one step further, adding depth with a custom cement tile production using 5 shades of gray !! This tile, with matching borders produced a striking foyer (below).

Nuevo Castillo encaustic cement tile foyer installation. By Villa Lagoon Tile.

Nuevo Castillo encaustic cement tile foyer installation. By Villa Lagoon Tile.


“Nuevo Castillo” encaustic cement, in-stock USA.

“Nuevo Castillo” encaustic cement tile, in-stock UK & Europe.

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Maybe it stems from newspapers which are often read in both rooms, or maybe it comes from historical roots, or maybe it is so all colors of accessories look bright and cheerful; but no matter the reason, black, white and sometimes with shades of gray is a popular combination for cement tile floors in kitchens and baths. A popular choice is our Cubes pattern because it is both age-old classic and edgy modern… crisp and clean.
Cubes cement tile floor in a modern contemporary  kitchen in New YorkCubes encaustic tile in a modern NYC kitchen



Villa Lagoon Tile Cubes cement tile in a bathroomnandos-peri-peri-cement-tile-VLT

Black and white stripe tile in a restaurant bathroom in the Washington DC area above

phillip-sides-ikat-tile-backsplash-VLTPhillip Sides used our black and white Ikat tile (above) for this kitchen backsplash.

stanley-matz-kitchen-VLTLandscape designer Stany Matz chose a black and white striped tile which forms a alternate reverse square-in-square pattern for his Miami, Florida kitchen.



This photo and the one below show our Large Cubes pattern tile in a Brooklyn, NY townhouse renovation. tamara-big-harlequin-bathroom-VLT

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Siem Reap old market area sign The Khmer Rouge may have destroyed much of the population and vitality of Cambodia in the 1970’s but the lovely cement tile floors in the old districts lived through it all.

Siem Reap [siəm riəp] in northwest Cambodia is a town adjacent to the Angkor World Heritage Site, location of the world famous ancient Angkor Wat temple complex. The cafes and shops along the streets in the Siem Reap Old Market district reveal an assortment of colorful cement tile floors in age old patterns.

Cambodian Siem Reap market area

Old Siem Reap market area

Antique cement tile floors in a Cambodian cafe

A swirling hand drawn pattern like this is seldom seen in current cement tile production.


Even hardware stores have classic cement tile flooring like this 3 color pattern.

Antique Cement tile in a cafe in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

This cafe’s antique cement tile pattern with fleur-de-lis and berries is a popular pattern today.


The pattern in this cafe tile is reminiscent of medieval clay encaustic tile in pattern and colors.

Antique cubes cement tile

Antique cubes cement tile in typical popular Cambodian colors

Our quest to explore antique cement tile leads to many surprises. Patterns that were popular a long time ago remain strong sellers today. We love discovering beautiful cement tile installations that are still loved and appreciated in unexpected parts of the world. It seems that while cement tiles were once made commercially in Cambodia, now only one workshop may remain.  Known as Kay Vath’s tile factory in Phnom Penh. The factory and shop is on Russian Boulevard, near Teak Thla market but as the article says, his output is small. Now most new cement tiles are imported into Cambodia but the cheap printed ceramic tiles from China predominate due to the very low cost. Cambodia is in a state of recovery still and has a ways to go.

Our trip to Cambodia and neighboring Vietnam was wonderful and led to many excellent cement tile sightings. We’ll be posting photos of them in the next few weeks.

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Designer Chris Grandmontagne used our Colorful Patchwork encaustic cement tile in her kitchen/family/breakfast great room renovation in the 2013 Topeka Designers’ Show House. Our cement tile went above the stove and to line the bookcases on either side of the fireplace to great effect. In the large kitchen area and family room the Patchwork does not overwhelm but adds just the right amount of cheerfulness without becoming the dominant element of the decor.

Patchwork cement tile backsplash

The niche above the stove has the Patchwork Cement Tile backsplash.

Cement tile backsplash in a niche above the stove

Spacious kitchen in the designer show house in Topeka, Kansas.

We love how Chris used our tile also in the family room area as a background to the built-in custom shelves on either side of the fireplace. Below is a construction photo followed by the completed project.

Encaustic cement tile in the back of custom shelves on either side of a brick fireplace.

Construction photo of the patchwork cement tile going into the back of the custom shelves.

After photo of the family room area

Photo of the family room area

Built in shelves with colorful patchwork tile as a back feature

Family room shelving with Villa Lagoon Tile Colorful Patchwork Tile

family breakfast area in designer show house

Family breakfast room in designer show house with gorgeous deep aqua Fiberglas chairs

Long dining table in a screen porch connected to the family room

Outdoor dining in enclosed screen porch which connects to the family room and kitchen

Topeka Kansas Designer Show Home 2013

Topeka Kansas Designer Show House 2013

Thanks to  designer Chris Grandmontagne …(Don’t you just love that name ??)
of Grandmontagne Designs and 414 SE 2nd St., Topeka, Ks. 66607
and Stephen Smith Images, 931 Studios, 931 Kansas Ave., Topeka, KS.

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Travelers through Washington Dulles International Airport will find a new and unusual option at Terminal D.  Bistro Atelier brings a taste of French fine dining to travel-weary passengers during their layovers.

Cement Tile bar face at Bistro Atelier

Successful restaurant entrepreneur Hakan Ilhan, is no stranger to the difficulties of running an airport eatery.  Several of his 25 DC-area restaurants are located in the city’s two major airports.  Ilhan’s first area business was a TCBY yogurt franchise at Ronald Reagan National Airport, in 1997.  With this project, he paired with Executive Chef John Lewitt to raise the bar of airport dining.


Dinners love the quality and variety of the food… there are not very many places in the world where one can grab a bite of escargot between flights!


It was our pleasure to work with Carlos Moreno and Matt Norris of Norris Design Studio on this project. It’s so gratifying to see images like these of a beautifully completed project. The cement tile featured in this project was “Tulips Sebring” (formerly known as “Roseton”), often available for in-stock, but always available for direct-production.


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The  historical Hong Kong Jockey Club chose Villa Lagoon Tile for the recently opened Hay Market Restaurant. Both tables and floors in several parts of this large open-plan restaurant have our custom encaustic cement tiles.


The Hong Kong Jockey Club founded in 1884 provides dining, social, sport and recreation facilities to its approximately 23,000 members. The HKJC conducts hundreds of horse races per year which can be viewed from the Hay Market Restaurant’s double-height floor to ceiling glass façade giving a view of the Sha Tin racecourse.

Designed by Joyce Wang, Hay Market Restaurant  fuses English style with tasteful modernism to create an all-inclusive, open-minded venue that bustles with the dashing vibes of a lively English establishment. The large restaurant brings a taste of rustic England to Hong Kong’s Sha Tin Racecourse.


Wang made the fun choice to tile the tabletops at the Hay Market. We shipped the table tiles to the furniture manufacturer and the floor tiles went directly to the job-site in Hong Kong. Most of the tiles have neutral colors and the sharp black and white patterns in the tabletops add an edge of modernism.



Let Villa Lagoon Tile make custom tile for your next restaurant project !!


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